Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee

Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee

An improvised comedy, shot over five days by Shane Meadows, devised with and starring Paddy Considine. Rock roadie and failed musician, Le Donk has lived, loved and learned. Along the way he's lost a girlfriend but he has found a new sidekick in up-and-coming rap prodigy Scor-zay-zee. With Meadows' fly-on-the-wall crew in tow, Donk sets out to make Scor-zay-zee a star...

Rock roadie, Le Donk, has lived, loved and learned. Along the way, he's lost a classy girlfriend but gained a sidekick, Scorz-Ayz-Ee. He sets out to make Scorz a star with a little help from the Artic Monkeys. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Francisco R (us) wrote: Great movie! Great analysis on the Brazilian system! Congratulations to the movie maker, which, by the way, is always making great movies!

Yannick D (jp) wrote: Some of the ideas that the creators at Dreamworks had for this movie are fun and poppy. Putting a dull, annoying and thoroughly unlikable racial stereotype at its centre was centrally not one of them.

xGary X (ag) wrote: Directed by Steve Buscemi, Animal Factory is a tough prison drama following young convict Edward Furlong as he is taught the ropes of life behind bars by institutionalized inmate Willem Dafoe. Its lack of either melodrama or sensationalism is admirable, and solid writing and good performances for the most part make this a worthy and interesting window onto the ins and outs of prison existence. Willem Dafoe and Danny Trejo are completely believable as the two hard bitten convicts who take Furlong under their wing. The message is that imprisonment may just mean that otherwise good kids who have made a mistake will be transformed into career criminals if they are surrounded by men who will do nothing but take advantage of them or teach them nothing but the "tricks of the trade". Unfortunately the weak link in the performance chain is Furlong himself, who doesn't really capture the transformation of character to get the point across. I also felt the ending was a little bit of anti-climax, but as a whole it's one of the better prison films I've seen and well worth a look for its more realistic approach .

David F (ru) wrote: Gains points for featuring Stephen Curry in a leading, dramatic role, the ever-reliable Brendan Gleeson, and a who's who of Australian television personalities in minor roles. Loses points for laughable depiction of foreigners and a truly horrendous score.

Angel M (es) wrote: Avalon... The land where heroes live forever

Kandis A (au) wrote: A very great documentary about the ball scene in New York.

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