Le Doulos

Le Doulos

Burglar Maurice Faugel has just finished his sentence. He murders Gilbert Vanovre, a receiver, and steals the loot of a break-in. He is also preparing a house-breaking, and his friend ...

Burglar Maurice Faugel has just finished his sentence. He murders Gilbert Vanovre, a receiver, and steals the loot of a break-in. He is also preparing a house-breaking, and his friend ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jerem M (us) wrote: Someone put a lot of effort into making this film look good. Visually it's quite remarkable. But the story falls short and the running time too long. For another entry in the chokingly massive amount of zombie films in the past decade, it's not so bad.

Bruce P (br) wrote: Awesome movie! intended for the persons who have a relationship with Jesus Christ as a nonbelievers might not understand but I hope that they would.

Carolina M (jp) wrote: Boken r betydligt mycket bttre!

Ian L (br) wrote: Not as complete as 'Elling' in pure story telling terms but then this is a very different approach to dealing with how any form disability is regarded and handled. I thought this film was in territory that would have otherwise been inaccessible to an English speaking / Anglo Saxon audience, the Norwegian dialogue and sub titles somehow mediated the film's head on approach to a level that was more easily absorbed by us up tight Brits at least. Darkly funny, brave and effective. Ikke s komplett som "Elling" i ren historiefortelling vilkr, men da dette er en helt annen tilnrming til hndtere hvordan enhver form funksjonshemming betraktes og hndteres. Jeg syntes denne filmen var i omrdet som ellers ville vrt utilgjengelige for en engelsktalende / Anglo Saxon publikum, den norske dialogen og sub titler liksom mediert filmens hodet p tilnrming til et niv som var mer lett absorberes av oss opp stramme Brits minst . Oppgjr, modige og effektiv.

Jamie C (it) wrote: Ok, Just predictable and boring, Offers nothing new just a rip off of Saw movies without the twists.

Victoria B (de) wrote: Good movie, and truth be told, I'll take whatever I can get relating to Old Bloomsbury.

Francisco L (gb) wrote: New film, better that first, good comedy with a good and typically soundtrack. Well acted and an original film!

Denise A (es) wrote: This film scarred me as a kid!

John C (ag) wrote: One of the great, gritty New York street films with one of Keitel's best performances.

Jared H (ru) wrote: Although this movie is quite boring at times, and the Italian accents can get a little grinding, I really do think that Cabiria is a really fantastic character, and Giulietta Masina really embodies the role amazingly well. She's funny, and charming, and you can't help but root for her. It's not the best experience I've had watching a movie, but I do actually understand why people are love with this one.

Luke B (gb) wrote: A classic gothic tale of a bizarre family that live in a mansion and the young woman who goes to live with them. Price is exceptional, charming, pleasant and at the same time rather chilling. Tierney is perfect as the naive young girl that falls for him but when the role requires her to be slightly stronger she doesn't hit all the right notes. A wonderful dark build up is let down by a rushed second half but the production design and the battles of religion and madness hold interest and make this a riveting film.

EWC o (it) wrote: Fun, and hilarious. Really didn't want to see Quentin Tarantinos junk melt off tho.

Praveen S (it) wrote: Warm...fuzzy...cliched...featuring a "Bill Murray" special that gives this routine story the zing it needs...ably supported by others..special mention to the kid...he holds his own with Murray....do watch it....

Jesse O (ca) wrote: As it stands right now, the movie's rating is two and a half stars. That may change as I write this review. Let's just get this out of the way first, Byung-hun Lee and Jeon Do-yeon are two incredibly talented actors and they are the biggest component of why I gave the film the rating I did. But. realistically speaking, the movie tends to be a little dramatic. Not annoyingly melodramatic, to me at least, but dramatic like a soap opera. Don't get me wrong, in some parts it does work, since I think there's a certain effectiveness to some elements of the story. Like Deok-gi's changes as he's given a position of general and how his greed and ambition have taken over his entire being. But, and I credit Byung-hun Lee for this, there's a certain part to Deok where you can see that, deep down, even if it's a small remnant of it, there remains a good man at Deok's core. And I will admit that it is simplistic character development, but I do think the movie finds a way to get a lot out of it. And the character of Seol-rang is also fairly interesting. This is a woman who raised her daughter as someone that she wasn't in order to give justice to the people she wronged in the past. She had her believe she was the daughter of two people that ended up being murdered due to her and Deok-gi's actions. The guilt was such that she raised her daughter with one mission and one mission only and that was to avenger her 'parents'' deaths. This leads to an interesting revelation at the climax of the film. Essentially, and I'm gonna SPOIL the movie so skip ahead, Seol-hee, the one lied to, finds out that she, in fact, wasn't the daughter of the people she's been trained to avenge, but in fact the woman that raised her was indeed her mother and the general was her father. She finds this out and, in the climax, kills both of her real parents anyway. Which I found a little silly and felt like an excuse to give the film a tragic ending. There's a scene prior to the climax, but after Seol-hee finds out the truth, that essentially says that she was putting aside the personal and carrying out her mission regardless of the fact that the people she's been 'commissioned' to murder are her parents. I realize that she was raised to believe she was a completely different person, but once you find out the truth, wouldn't that change everything? It makes Seol-hee look even more unlikable than she already was, because two deaths could've been avoided. And I understood why it had to happen, or why Seol-hee's mother wanted it to happen this way, she wanted to give the people she wronged and got murdered the justice they deserved, but it was still a little silly to me. Again, it just felt like an excuse to end the film in tragic fashion, add a little drama. With that said, the way that particular scene was shot, in the soon-to-be unveiled palace, did have some beautiful moments, visually at least. Thematically, it had its moments as well, but it was excessive in its drama. Really, though, the production values for this film are indeed top-notch. The narrative is fine, but it seems like the movie is too long for its own good. They introduce certain elements that feel like they've been placed there in order to extend the running time. And I get that this type of 'period drama epic' almost usually are long films, but this one would've benefited from eliminating unnecessary elements. Like there's this whole thing where Seol-hee and one of the guards meet each other that, literally, served no purpose. I mean he does save her from drowning, but, by and large, it really serves no purpose. There's this sword master that trained Seol-rang and Deok-gi when they were part of the reistance to overthrow the corrupy monarchy, but, again, this character never really seems to do anything. Well, with the exception of being the one that reveals the truth to Seol-hee about who she really is. But it's not like he HAD to be the one to do it, Seol-rang could've very easily told her. And there's just certain scenes that drag the movie down a bit. Should've been edited down, might have made the movie better. The acting, as I mentioned, is real strong. But, like I said, the narrative itself is a little too heavy on the dramatics. I wasn't annoyed by it. In fact, in parts, I was almost kind of interested in seeing where it headed, but when you have actors the caliber of Jeon Do-yeon and Byung-hun Lee, you expect the narrative to match how great they actually are. It was not to be, at least in this case. So, yea, I think the rating will indeed stay at two and a half stars. The climax itself, while featuring some solid action, is a little too goofy for my liking and the narrative isn't great, but the performances are solid enough and the film does manage to hold your interest. Even if it might not be good. It won't impress you, but it is what it is. This is really an average movie, though it should've been much better than it was.