Le Grand Amour

Le Grand Amour

Pierre married Florence, the only daughter of a small industrialist. 15 years later, he is the boss, but his middle-class life worries him a lot. When a new young and lovely secretary comes, he starts dreaming.

Pierre married Florence, the only daughter of a small industrialist. 15 years later, he is the boss, but his middle-class life worries him a lot. When a new young and lovely secretary comes... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alec B (au) wrote: Mills has refined his style and writing here, crafting a unique character study that deliberately avoids simplistic resolutions. One of the few period films set in the 70s that never gets overpowered by cliched aesthetics.

Heather A (de) wrote: You'll likely guess every twist and turn in the plot. But passively entertaining.

Jos S (gb) wrote: Rara, diferente, aburrida, cotidiana. La vida de dos familias es eso, aburrimiento. Hasta que esa cotidianidad salta por los aires. Entonces hay que tratar por todos los medios de volver a esa cotidianidad aburrida y previsible. Y cuesta, cuesta mucho... Lenta, muy lenta, como la vida misma. Se tardan cinco minutos en tender tres blusas, 3 minutos en pagar una consumicion y esperar el cambio, otro tanto en abrir un comercio... todo esto y mas lo vemos en tiempo real. Si le echamos paciencia, como cuando salimos del cine, merece la pena.

Cole B (ca) wrote: A little less focused than it should have been (is it a comedy? a drama? a satire?) but Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna bring both humor and insight nonetheless.

Michael R (it) wrote: Director Morten Koehlert redeems himself after the awful 'Under overfladen' with this simple, straightforward adaptation of Cecil Bodker's book 'Hungerbarnet'. Good performances from Sarah Werner and Peter Hansen and solid support from a cast of veterans.

Mhaa R (br) wrote: Great great movie one of my faves ever , touching and extremely powrfull movie

Stephen E (de) wrote: Say what you want about the pacing or plot, I think Affliction is great. It's by far the most true-to-life story I have ever seen in cinema, and has quickly made its way into my top ten favorite movies of all time. Nick Nolte's performance should have earned him the Oscar.I cannot urge anyone who has not seen this film to give it a chance. I hope that it will have the same effect on you as it did on me.

Shane J (ru) wrote: fairly basic stephen king adaptation about gypsy curses. it kinda just exists. everything is fine with it but it has tv movie written all over it

Mark R (au) wrote: Two thumbs (& one other body part) up

Deborah M (kr) wrote: not a bad film, he gets on with the shooting and the kicking

Phillip B (it) wrote: I went into this movie thinking it was a slasher along the same lines of 'Silent Night Deadly Night'. I was expecting a guy in a Santa outfit killing folks. Not what I got, but I dig what I did get. We dive into the mind of a man who is obsessed with Santa. He works at a toy factory, spies on kids as well keeps a recorded on them, his house if FILLED with Christmas memorabilia. He's a well meaning-ed guy, but also obviouslly disturbed. For me that was the fun of this movie, getting to know this guy, being 100% unsure of what hes going to do next. So it gets to the point where he steals a bunch of toys from his work and delivers them to a mental hospital. (Dawwww) then some folks give him a hard time about him being dressed as Santa on christmas, which I really didn't get, so he stabs them, (Not so Dawwwwww) the rest of the movie is him running, hiding, and being chased down. I have 2 main gripes with this movie. The first one being what makes Harry insane. In the descriptions it says He "was traumatized as a child, when late at night on Christmas Eve, he walked into the family living room and saw his father, dressed as Santa Claus, having sex with his mother" but in the film that doesn't -really- happen (at least not in the cut I was watching) all he sees is his dad as Santa fondling the mothers legs, as she is in a skimpy outfit. Disturbing? Yes. But not to the point of yielding these kind of crazy crops. Towards the end it gets rather silly, and at the very end it jumps the shark completely and what happens feels -VERY- out of place. End result Fantastic build up but not a satisfying conclusion. Worth the watch. Who knows you may even like the ending.

Mark B (ru) wrote: In this reviewers humble opinion,one of the top five funniest movies ever made."Some like it Hot"? Come-on AFI! What were you thinking by not even including this great in the top 100.

Dan N (it) wrote: Hmmm this film is obviously intended as tongue in cheek but it just came over as RIDICULOUS. Not very good.