Le grand jeu

Le grand jeu

Pierre , a young lawyer, has enormous debts due to his mistress Florence and her whims of luxury life. Pierre has gone too far and put the family firm in jeopardy. They ask him to expatriate. To avoid scandal, Pierre joins the Foreign Legion. In Morocco, near the desert, Pierre goes with his comrades of the Legion to a bar-restaurant-brothel, owned by a shady character, Mr. Clement . Clement lives more or less with Ms.Blanche who is a fortune teller with cards, as a hobby. But Clement is also after his girls now and then. Pierre is still obsessed with Florence but he meets Irma , one of Clement's girls, who is the double of Florence except for hair color. Irma has had an accident and has lost part of her memory at a certain point of her recent past, and Pierre slowly persuades himself she is Florence, but cannot remember it. Advised by Ms.Blanche, Irma finally accepts to act as if she was Florence because she is falling in love with Pierre.

Pierre (Pierre Richard-Willm), a young lawyer, has enormous debts due to his mistress Florence (Marie Bell), and her whims of luxury life. Pierre has gone too far and put the family firm in... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael H (us) wrote: A filmed essay wherein the use of clay figures and dioramas to fill in the "missing picture" is surprisingly effective. Add shots of the figures being carved and painted while the narrator speaks plus archival footage and we have the elements of a powerful movie. Sadly, the monotone narration drove a wedge between me and the story; I found it very difficult to stay focused. The dioramas are great, though.

Robert H (us) wrote: Clearly on the lower side of budgets, Werewolf: The Beast Among Us still manages to be relatively entertaining. Thanks to some decent acting, Directing and editing, the film itself is pretty well made. Thanks to the costumes and locations, the feel of the film actually works in a not historically correct fashion.Where the film falters is on some less than stellar CG work and a bizarre twist nearing the end. But the good far outweighs the bad and this werewolf film could have ended up a laughing joke much like a previous Universal film starring a named Vampire Hunter. Worth checking out if you like classic universal monster movies done with modern technology.

Walt W (au) wrote: Probably one of the best documentaries I've seen. I can't really say a whole lot about what it covers without giving the story away, so I won't. But suffice to say it is very engaging after a bit of a slow start, and very thoughtfully put together. At the very least, it provides you with some food for thought.

Dinorah G (ca) wrote: Me aburrio pero es buena

Ryan S (mx) wrote: 1.5/5. Easily the worst in the series. Depp, Rush, and Claflin are all great, and the mermaid capture scene is fun, but the rest of movie ranges between boring and stupid and it really never feels like a Pirates movie.

Jason F (nl) wrote: this was excellent. interesting perspective on immigration and ethnicity, and pretty good plot twists.

cough (fr) wrote: this was the worst movie ive ever seen in my life.....it made no sense at all

Michael P (us) wrote: Awful. The best thing James Toback has ever done is inspire the French film "The Beat that my Heart Skipped" with his movie "Fingers"

Lina (au) wrote: So it's low-budget and chalk full of weirdos and the protagonist sorta becomes the antagonist...at a point...all the while being lost to complete navete...I enjoyed it!...the abysmal humor, the darkness and the simple ignorance of it all... :)

Train M (br) wrote: /B/ I hadn't watched this movie for about 15 years. It has aged quite well.

Muffin M (br) wrote: Pregnant Sally unknowingly falls for the stepson of the deceased father of her baby and has to deal with his homicidal family. stars Drew Barrymore, Luke Wilson, Catherine O'Hara, Jake Busey, Shelley Duvall, Kim Robillard, Daryl Mitchell, Lenny Flaherty and Chris Ellis. directed by Dean Parisot.

Private U (ca) wrote: this movie is wicked!!!

Missy G (ag) wrote: You have to see this movie:) it's been a while but it's a wonderful movie:)

Rob B (fr) wrote: written by john hughes (this was his 2nd written feature after national lampoons class reunion) this charmingly funny comedy about a stay at home dad while the wife goes out to work manages to not fall flat due in part by michael keaton's off the wall approach. a year later this movie would turn into a short lived tv series. ann jillian who plays joan (one of the suburban mothers) tries to seduce keaton's character through much of the film. her ample breasts are a big highlight in this family friendly comedy. :)

Tio B (ru) wrote: Apart from some great shots of Boston and an unmistakable '70s cop-movie vibe, FUZZ disappoints. The Altman-like feel would have benefited from a better script, one with real humor instead of just zany, disjointed antics.

Shane S (nl) wrote: Gaspar Noe's relatively tame, yet still exceedingly dark, tale of the standstill of modern life and how the mere idea of revenge leads to some pretty stupid things (kind of a common theme in his films) is not as masterfully manipulative as his one-two punch "Irreversible" and "Enter the Void," but it does take many quirky things and pretty much turns them against the viewer's happiness.A horse butcher (complete with footage of him killing a horse) raises a seemingly autistic daughter by himself because his ex-wife wanted a girl. As he raises her, they seem to take in a lot of the media around them, from sermons extolling independence to extremely violent luchador action flicks - and, according to some viewers of the short film's sequel, "I Stand Alone," it appears as if he's raising his daughter in the same way as the parents in "Dogtooth" raised their kids. However, you know that the Butcher loves his daughter to death, so much so that when she walks in his shop with a period stain, he stabs a random guy to death just because he thinks the dude raped her. Ol' butcher gets arrested, flirts with homosexuality in jail, and gets out only to find out that his daughter's been taken to a mental institution, his shop's been sold to a halal butcher, and that a (in his opinion) ugly waitress at a coffee shop has the hots for him. And how he tries to get his old life back. However, he's stuck in a pretty miserable life, forced to have sex with his new employer for room and board, unable to see his daughter for untold reasons (implied rape), and haunted by his stupid decisions to the point where he can't help but to become an animal. Just like the animals he butchers, he is fresh meat for the world.Yeah, you can definitely see that Noe was still tweaking out his style to perfection (the film's pacing is not as good as it could be; it doesn't necessarily immerse you into this dark, unrelenting world that Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Woody Allen don't necessarily want to film), but a lot of his elements were in place: quirky camerawork (almost like it's been influenced by music videos, comedies, and stop-motion animation), background audio that forces the viewer to become sick at the whole thing (just like "Irreversible"), a color scheme completely dominated by reds and browns, and the underlying idea that the world is not that happy place that your parents told you it was when you were just a little filly. The film, however, is Noe's most verbal, as a lot of his later stuff tends to play around with non-verbal scenes where action is extremely prevalent (like in..."Irreversible"...yeah, figure that one out for yourself). The butcher, while serving as a really mad narrator that's just pissed off at how life's pretty much handed him the short straw, talks to some of the characters.Overall, I say if you like short films, watch this. You might like how discordant the entire thing is or you might uncontrollably vomit at the horse butchering scene that opens the film, but overall, it's a film that, while not the "experimental" wonder that Rovi said it was, pretty much set Gaspar Noe on the right track to bigger, better, and more effective things. Just don't show this to bronies.

Kevin L (es) wrote: Some moments in The Spy Who Shagged Me are indeed clever if not hilariously silly, while other moments run for way too long and delve into obnoxious territory

Fernando C (es) wrote: lets say I liked it

Cristbal S (au) wrote: Amazing and beautiful, with an excellent direction from Scorsese, "Hugo" is a magical time filled with charm and heart.