Le grand soir

Le grand soir

An ageing punk-with-a-dog and his brother the conformist decide to get their revenge on a shopping mall. Directing duo Benoit Delepine and Gustave Kervern, longstanding comic crusaders against capitalism, again set out to surprise and shock the bourgeois audience.

The film tells the story of 2 brothers. One punk, one salesman. The salesman get laid off, and slowly becomes a punk like his brother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tommy G (it) wrote: free with batman game

S Edward T (fr) wrote: did the dog have to die?

Party Pete C (nl) wrote: This movie is about a gurgleing monster in the woods, not bad tho.

Joshua O (br) wrote: Great movie, but I didn't feel like the message was clear enough. I was hoping to come away with a film about the essence of Father son relationships, but this film seemed like the son didn't really learn anything from the father.


Scott S (nl) wrote: Wonder Boys (2000) -- [9.0] -- Michael Douglas gives a career highlight performance as a fifty-year-old college professor worried about following up a sensational debut novel in this warm, character-driven comedy from Curtis Hanson (L.A. Confidential, 8 Mile) and author Michael Chabon. I was quickly hooked on each of the movie's ensemble of anxious, quirky characters, all grappling with their own life-changing dilemmas. Tobey Maguire is excellent as the sullen but devious James Leer and Robert Downey Jr. is perfect as Douglas' impetuous, libidinous book editor. Frances McDormand plays the chancellor's wife, with whom Douglas is having an affair, and the cast also includes Katie Holmes, Rip Torn, and Alan Tudyk. What I most appreciate about "Wonder Boys" is the suggestion that isolation mires us in our problems. Company, even odd company, has a way of helping you see the light. Love the title song by Bob Dylan.

Adam R (es) wrote: The worst acting I've ever seen from Walter Matthau, but I do realize that he was very old and that this was his last film role. The whole movie is bad anyways. Too melodramatic and uninteresting. (First and only full viewing - 6/6/2010)

Michael D (ag) wrote: Expertly crafted Korean story-told-backwards as in PK Dick's 'Time Out of Joint' or 'Memento' but where that film is like a really enjoyable parlor trick, this has a more overt political point to make about life in South Korea, masculinity and the casualties of war. I wouldn't necessarily say it's a better film than 'Memento' but I would say Sol Kyung-gu gives an absolutely bravura performance as the lead which gets across a massive array of emotions as the character develops retrogressively. It is this which demands attention as much as the narrative device and makes it a film I'd highly recommend watching.

Ricardo M (es) wrote: Momentos de imensa inspirao - como a cena em que o incio e o fim de uma relao amorosa se d ao curso de alguns recados deixados na secretria eletrnica da pretendente - intercalados com vai-e-vns previsveis de nightclubs e bares atravs dos quais um tpico grupo de machos sai caa.

Facebook U (nl) wrote: There is something special about the character behind Godzilla. Some hidden nobility that is able to transcend the science-fiction genre and give it a sense of social importance. In 1954's Gojira, it was all about the nuclear holocaust that had consequences much further reaching than anyone would care to admit; in 1989's Godzilla vs. Biollante, the topic at hand is environmental pollution, and the long-term effects of human ignorance. Dramatized, of course, but isn't that what makes films like this so engaging? The viewer has to appreciate the ingenuity of the costume design taking place at Toho, as well as the graphic splendor that might remind us of a time when special effects didn't have to govern an action flick, but rather give it a slick visual appeal as it does here.

Mark D (es) wrote: Confusing plot with a third act that feels more like Dr. Strangelove than the noirish stuff that preceded it.

Mark S (gb) wrote: A very strong directorial debut from Roman Polanski. After having seen his third film Cul-de-Sac and finding it very pretentious and dull, I wasn't expecting to like many or indeed any of his pre-Rosemary's Baby efforts, but this is an interesting drama that feels quite a lot like the Bergman films of that time. It's a tense film and an excellent exploration of the contrast between unsure but vital and rebellious youth vs knowing but perhaps insecure and jaded middle-age.

Blanqui C (gb) wrote: Climt Eastwood Is Viciois!!!!!!!!! He Rocks.