Le Notti Bianche

Le Notti Bianche

A lonely clerk attempts to win the love of a woman who still awaits the return of her long-absent suitor.

A humble clerk courts a woman who night after night awaits for the return of her lover. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Le Notti Bianche torrent reviews

Andrea M (gb) wrote: You know I love this. :D

Shane S (nl) wrote: they call it a comedy?! nothing funny about it. the movie is very slow moving and boring. DON'T WATC. WASTE OF 1HOUR AND 20 MINUTES!!

Luciano G (fr) wrote: A boring annoying film that doesn't seem to have a clue about what it actually wishes to say and a movie to be avoided...

LaraViolet H (es) wrote: I had high hopes for this movie, but the poor acting and lack of a proper storyline really let it down. The dinosaurs were okay, but there's been better.

Bryan P (es) wrote: An indie film that finds beauty in the breakdown, with interesting characters on a journey of self discovery.

Simon F (es) wrote: Funny, whimsical and unfolding. Clever screenplay. Surprisingly non-cheesy ending. One of the better cult movies.

John W (kr) wrote: A fantasticly well-made and powerful film. I tend to steer away from dramas, but was deeply engaged and moved by this film.

Amber V (gb) wrote: in this life, things happen and you just have to deal.

Love M (au) wrote: Hugh Laurie looks gorgeous in this! This is a cute, fairly amusing film but also forgettable.

Robyn M (fr) wrote: "Brassed off! Is a quaint and quirky film that finds unity through music and friendship during hardship."A movie that could have easily been forgotten and swept under the table. However, its mesmerizing score by Trevor Jones that keys into the emotion of the movie while acknowledging the roots of the film keep the movie alive!Last, and by certainly no means least, is the performance of the late, great Pete Postlethwaite as Danny.

Bill B (de) wrote: Biker flick filled with the typical ramblings about 'freedom' and wanting to be left alone to live life one's own way, interspersed with casual violence and the like.I really don't think I 'get' these movies at all, at least as far as any 'message' goes, but I do find them interesting in that you'll likely never see anything quite like them again.Rental?

James H (ag) wrote: Way too talky, downright boring at times. The acting is good but it's a hard film to sit through without yawning a few times along the way. The period detail is adequate, but not very impressive. Decent costume design and art direction. Slow moving.

Kyle M (nl) wrote: A worthy tale for families' viewing pleasure. (B+)(Full review coming soon - with better wording)