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Le premier cri

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Aaron M (jp) wrote: I love sports documentaries, especially boxing docs, and this is an excellent one. Great interviews with Joe Frazier, George Forman, Ken Norman, Leon Spinks, Earnie Shavers, Larry Holmes and others.

Leighton T (us) wrote: Summer Hours is an almost perfect observation of family dynamics because of its unsympathetic nature in the way it approaches its subject matter of time and its Murphy's Law-like nature of removal. Within that, Assayas allows for ultimate honesty to creep out and rear its ugly head. Yet, nothing is more beautiful than truth and that is what he is showing us. It's glorious honesty actually. The film shows a deep reverance for those things of the past, people of the past, and the things that mattered to the people of the past and how they can still matter to the younger generations but in very different ways. His film seems to be saying that as time passes, things change, people change, objects change hands, younger generations come along and seem to show no respect, yet they carry with them their childhoods and though those things must change, those people must change, and those object must change hands, they will always be with them in some form or another, even just in memory.

Sehar M (ru) wrote: Its colorful, vibrant, interesting and well made. I loved the music and costumes. Seen a very enjoyable Bollywood movie after a while.

Daniel K (fr) wrote: 3: This is pretty funny, but I only realized who Andrew Bujalski was while watching the credits at the end of the film. I was beginning to wonder what this odd, awkward, compelling, memorable, and unattractive actor was doing in so many mumblecore pictures, but it turns out he also directed many of them. It definitely makes more sense now. The actor didn't always seem to fit the roles like the glove or be entirely plausible. These stories just kind of amble along, a little like in real life. Life isn't always defined by dramatic trajectories or defined character arcs and we don't often get those in these types of films, whereas they are practically essential in mainstream cinema. These films are a refreshing and modest change. I wouldn't want to be sustained solely by mumblecore films, but they're a very worthwhile alternative. The music here is solid, the characters are compelling, the issues are terribly plausible, awkward moments abound, and the dialogue seems haphazard as does the films general construction. Everything basically works and the ending takes a turn one definitely has not come to expect from the cinema. Friendship of this kind seems pretty rare and makes the ending seem a bit infectious.

John B (es) wrote: Heartbreaking look at the plight of North Korean refugees in China.

Jordan S (ag) wrote: This film seems to be a remake of the remake with almost no comparison to the original. It also feels like it was directed by George Romero, as his zombie films are all stand alone movies about survivors in different scenario's and this is what it feels like. They have tried to capture the essence of the remake and brought in different characters, a different plot and plonked some of the iconic scenes into it.

Tristan M (de) wrote: I was kinda disappointed with this finally to the original Rambo series. It simply has many dumb moments and was over the top in others and repeats the first two movies again in yet another environment. Everything about it is just worse than the first two films, and we've seen eveything already twice! There's just so much I didn't like about it. The worst part was when the Russian helicopter gunship was rammed by Rambos captured tank that he had just destroyed but could somehow still operate fine all by himself when it usually takes four crewmen. And why is the Russian commander who's in change of the elite troops both being the interrogator and piloting the helicopter gunship? There's so many things like this that simply don't work, and overall we've basically seen this movie twice already in the first two Rambo movies, and this one was a waist of time and money. Nothing original was shown, nothing copied was improved. Its amusing I guess, but it's still a poor movie that should have never been made. The only thing going for it is its title Rambo and its lead actor.

Cody C (us) wrote: One of his very best. Totally genius. And homaged in Zack and Miri (twice) and Big Lebowski (a few times) and possibly Reservoir Dogs (there's a dog in a scene at a reservoir).

Pierre K (kr) wrote: A real delight from start to finish. They knew how to make movies back then!It is funny clever and doesn't take itself seriously while being very well made. Lubitsch was in his own right and I can't recommend this movie enough!For every cinema lover that s a must see!

James B (de) wrote: one of my all time favorite movies

Aaron P (br) wrote: Effortlessly charming, Stolen Kisses is a wonderful addition to the Antoine Doinel series.

Lovro H (es) wrote: Heard mixed reviews for this movie, but still decided to see it. This movie has a decent story, a bit too clicheish, maybe. The characters are okay, I didn't care who died and lived, and that means the characterisation is a flaw in this movie. The movie , although it has bad characters, managed to entertain me with the many scares and creepy atmosphere! The ending is amusing and makes you think what happened next... All in all, wouldn't recommend unless a fan of horror movies and jumpscares.