Le promeneur du champ de Mars

Le promeneur du champ de Mars

A young journalist (Lespert) helps the French President compile his memoirs.

A young journalist (Lespert) helps the French President compile his memoirs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brody M (ca) wrote: 1 of the best comedies ever.I just wish they wouldve made a sequel

Tim S (mx) wrote: This started out rather slowly, but kept building. It winds up getting more and more serious until it just goes flat-out silly at the very end - with an ending totally off-the-wall and completely insane that I have to give the filmmakers props for being so ballsy. It may not be perfect, but it's got some good things going for it.

Daniel C (ag) wrote: Martians attack Earth with superior weapons and a twisted sense of humour.I'll start by saying I thought this movie was terrible when it first came out.I figured I might've been too young to understand and so, gave it another try 20 years later and my opinion remains.I had no idea it had such a star studded cast, or that Tim Burton was involved though. Oh dear...I get that this is probably meant to be a parody and some sort of tribute to old 1950's sci-fi movies but this feels like it's something else entirely. While there is opportunity for humour in here and some of the nods are obvious, most of the jokes fall flat, or get repeated too often. Maybe that's also part of the point? I dunno.Mars Attacks! just feels too painful to watch through in the end. 20 years on the acting is stiff, the effects are cheap and there's much better parodies or alien invasion movies out there. Thankfully there are also much better Tim Burton films too!

Yolo R (gb) wrote: Great story, CGI, and characters, but the mediocre acting form the leads and uninteresting death of Uncle Ben makes it hard for ardent fans of Marvel's Spider-man to stay engaged in this movie

Leonardo Malacay S (us) wrote: Floja, las peleas son interesantes peor la historia es totalmente previsible

Paul D (br) wrote: It's a drab teenage angst storyline, with drab characters, apart from Sam Rockwell who steals every scene he is in.