Le rouge est mis

Le rouge est mis

Louis Bertain is the owner of a Paris garage which is the front for a robbery gang. He and his accomplices are careful to keep up a civic veneer by day, indulging in criminal activities ...

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Le rouge est mis torrent reviews

Dedmeet C (kr) wrote: A decent thriller/horror flick in the genre of found footage and fake documentary movies, but with a twist... Decent acting, decent plot, decent scares, effects and atmosphere - decent movie. I recommend getting acquainted with the first movie before watching this sequel, but its not necessary by any means.

Cheryl L (de) wrote: I kept waiting for the movie to become more interesting and it never did. Very dull storyline.

Fernando P (fr) wrote: With Geraldo's annoying mustache and everyone's poor acting skills this movie is more of something you can just walk on by go to the kitchen and get something or to go to the restroom and do something and you really don't have to stand there and watch. The editing was sloppy as well sometimes the audio didn't seem right.

Joanna H (us) wrote: Oh yeah seen this one to. Don't recall a movie yet that I have not seen with Anfelina Jolie in it. This woman kicks ass !!!!

Brian O (mx) wrote: Big fan of the Spenser books, but only a medium fan of the Spenser movies. This one is an acceptable adaptation of Parker's book. It's good fun for a rainy Friday night.

Alan W (de) wrote: This is entertaining

Joel A (kr) wrote: The Marx Bros what can be said that hasn't already....they are a talented bunch no doubt about it. The film itself wasn't great and the trio wheren't as funny as there where in the other films, but I still enjoyed it...a chuckle here and there. To me I find Groucho the funniest, but Harpo is so clever is his own right, they all compliment each other rather well. There are quite a few good scenes in this film, to me the standout is the midget house scene and the goliath bedroom scene they are a real cracker. All in all not the quinessential Marx Bros film, but in my opinnion well worth a watch, I think buy this stage in their career they had a well oiled machine and kind of lost there early spark from the early 30's....but once again still rather enjoyable...

Anne L (gb) wrote: Loved this movie! Gives a view of what Christ's childhood might have been like!