Le sang des bêtes

Le sang des bêtes

An early example of ultra-realism, this movie contrasts the quiet, bucolic life in the outskirts of Paris with the harsh, gory conditions inside the nearby slaughterhouses. Describes the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Le sang des bêtes torrent reviews

Gina W (kr) wrote: Animated but engaging

Leena L (jp) wrote: What a pointless.... I do not even know what. even the big name actors could not make this entertaining. I guess it would take an american to get into this? Or not...

Mike K (de) wrote: A bog standard police drama saved from being merely bad by a solid cast delivering good performances.

Lynn A (fr) wrote: Some people have no imagination, sad, I thought it was awesome.

Anna B (ru) wrote: I can see why Sluizer never went on to do anything else of note; all he did here was luck out with an awesome script and have the good sense not to get in its way. The acting is clunky and awkward, the music is terrible, and if you have a vague idea of the ending, as I did, there's not much tension. But it works because it's a good story with a fascinating structure and an almost perfect pace. Sometimes that's all it takes.

Ricardo A (au) wrote: Ms Negro que la noche it's a "mexican curious" movie with some good ideas under the sleeve.

Lauren M (jp) wrote: Collectors sort of freak me out. Which makes my job pretty uncomfortable.

Raksha S (kr) wrote: Realistic, brilliant, unexpectedly amazing. It touches your chords in a way that you never want the tale to end.

Jesson G (kr) wrote: It's actually pretty funny compared to the other American Pie straight-to-DVDs. But I agree, Stifler here is a waste.

Khalid M (kr) wrote: nice movie.. it waz entertainin and xiting..

Gregory W (nl) wrote: good stuff great story and cast