Le vie del Signore sono finite

Le vie del Signore sono finite

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Kinohi N (br) wrote: With the exception of two segments featuring Cornel West and Michael Hardt, this is a profoundly insipid documentary about the state of academic philosophy today. The "going-for-a-walk" format of each segment is gimmicky, and the "insights" of several interviewees -- notably Peter Singer and Martha Nussbaum -- are shockingly dim. I didn't like Taylor's documentary on Zizek, and this one proves to be just as fawning and banal.

mark d (ru) wrote: Sandra Corveloni, who won the Best Actress Award at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival for her role, 2008 Cannes Film Festival Palme d'Or - Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas (nominated) Best Actress Award - Sandra Corveloni (won)

Timothy F (mx) wrote: One of the best short films ever made. It's a shame it didn't win an Oscar.

Chris S (us) wrote: Forgot about this movie. It's a great one!

Rafael M (mx) wrote: I trust Felix B. She is supposed to be my movie soul mate.

Kenneth E (it) wrote: I am astounded that this film received as little attention as it did during its initial theatrical release. With critics raving about the artistic usage of silence and minimal dialogue in the first half of Pixar's over-rated "Wall-E," this film accomplishes the same feat, but in higher quantities and better taste; in fact, it consistantly uses music, natural sounds, and no character dialogue throughout the MAJORITY of the film's running time. This is even more impressive considering the fact that its release was smack-dab in the post-Shrek world, an era of American animation characterized by cranked up noise, crude humor, and sarcastic wisecracks. "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron" is a beautiful film that features some of the most spectacular horse movements I've seen in animation. One can clearly get a sense of Spirit's power, rippling muscles, and, untamed speed; in addition, through memorable songs by Bryan Adams, (such as the show-stopper "Here I Am,") the horse's quest for freedom in an American West slowly becoming domesticated by man was pretty powerful. Though "Lilo & Stitch" got most of the spotlight in 2002, "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron" is a hidden gem that should be seen by all families. While never overly walloping audiences over the head with its message and seriousness, the film does contain more drama than Dreamwork's previous "Road To El Dorado" and comes surprisingly close to matching "Prince of Egypt" for thematic elements and situations. The animation has been famously noted for its 'tradigital' techniques, a hybridization of 2D and 3D CGI; while artists could have toned down the realistic portrayal of running water and rocks, much of these distractions occur in the first half of the film and are not nearly as awful as the 'tradigital,' eye-gorging monstrosity, better known as "Titan A E," two years earlier. Apart from the occasional mismatch of animation styles, the film does get a bit monotonous towards the middle, with Spirit getting captured, breaking free, getting captured, breaking free, getting captured.... This kinda gets tiresome after a while. But setting aside these flaws, this is a great horse flick that can be watched by equine lovers everywhere, alongside "The Black Stallion," "Black Beauty," "Hidalgo," and particularly the recent "War Horse," which borrowed a lot from this film.

Brian B (kr) wrote: Holy cow is this bad. The acting is so bad, that I think I might have a future in the movie business.

Syed R (nl) wrote: A great follow up to Re-Animator, I dug the set up and love the body horror effects. Jeffrey Combs, Ken Foree, and especially Barbara Crampton were terrific in this. I would've love to see it explored more but it's overall a good fun horror flick.

Adam R (us) wrote: (First and only viewing - 4/18/2010)

Susan Burt W (fr) wrote: Hysterical....loved it. ......I cannot believe the scores. We were laughing so hard.

Raji K (ru) wrote: Batman Under the Red Hood opens with Robin being beaten and killed by the sadistic Joker. Years later Batman finds himself in a crime war between a new villain, the Red Hood and the Black Mask. As the two wage on he must do his best to uncover who is behind this new villain as they have done the unthinkable and let Joker back out. Batman the Red Hood has well designed characters and excellent animation. Joker was particularly well designed however nobody can do his voice better than Mark Hamil. The rest of the voices fit the bill and you have a solid film that should not disappoint any Batman fans.

Rob L (ag) wrote: An extraordinary film that makes one wonders how we moved from this to the anodyne likes of the festivals of today such as Cornbury and Latitude, this has a real dark heart and that's without taking into account that other signify of the end of the Sixties, the Manson family.The Stones, washed up old gits that they are now, are seen as almost impossibly cool back in 1969 and yet flummoxed by the horror of Altamont and the concert that brought a juddering halt to peace and love. The music is pretty darn good too.

ladyashley888 (jp) wrote: Not as funny as I'd hoped. Subplots were severely lacking. Acting wasn't great. I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it again.

Kyle M (ru) wrote: A nice satirical look on the hospitality side of a war that was typically well-acted, flowed constantly, and produced a humor for general senses and a clever close for a viewer's enjoyment. (A-)(Full review coming soon)

Jack B (br) wrote: I really liked this movie. The acting was good, the story was good, and it had its gripping moments. In fact I was surprised to see this to be a low-budget film, cause it was a good movie I saw in a long time! Definitely must watch film for any sci-fi fan!

Cody R (ag) wrote: I love the premise, but the tension wanes a little early and the ending will likely leave you a bit nonplussed.