Upon the death of his father, Arjun Prasad campaigns to become the CM of Andhra. He hopes to eradicate corruption from Indian Politics.

Dr.Arjun Prasad is the son of the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh,who is killed in a bomb blast by naxals.He tries to become his father's successor by competing against his cousin,the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cori A (gb) wrote: I enjoyed this movie. (November 17, 2012)

Rosalind R (de) wrote: it looks like a good movie

Keenan S (kr) wrote: Tokyo Sonata is a stellar drama about a family in the throes of Japan's economic crisis. However, this isn't just a great film about problems in Japan, but rather, it feels universal in its subject matter and rather timely with today's current world events.The plot follows a family of four: Ryuhei, who is recently unemployed and hiding that fact from his wife, Megumi, the housewife who is left to contend with the couple's rebellious sons, Taka, who wants to join the U.S. military, and Kenji, who wants to play the piano.The story follows how their lives are dramatically changed by the country's rapidly changing economic climate, and how their bonds begin to break apart and then come back together again after a series of life-altering events.The story itself is very engaging and timely in its subject matter, and thankfully, never becomes contrived in what it portrays, nor melodramatic. Everything about it feels real and there's never a moment where the viewer would say, "That's really stupid. Who would ever do that?" It's a very down-to-earth kind of drama that feels contemporary in a way that the viewer can relate to.Furthermore, the acting is also quite good, even from the child actors, which is a rarity as most child actors are awful. Each actor fully assimilated themselves into their roles and breathed life into their characters. They were so good, in fact, that I can't pick a favorite performance because they make each character feel like an actual person, rather than a character in a film. What more could you ask for in a drama?On top of being a heartfelt and heartbreaking drama, it also works damn well as a comedy. Whether it was an emotional moment, or a moment of humor, I felt as the film intended the viewer to feel because it all feels so real.Tokyo Sonata is a stellar drama that deals with its subject matter with care and grace. It never feels forced, contrived, or stupid, but it makes everything alive, as it should. It's a universal drama that is well worth watching if you enjoy watching a good drama. I highly recommend it.

Camille L (us) wrote: On y aurait presque cru cet Urban Justice, o Steven Seagal se retrouve face Eddie Griffin (en violent chef de gang...) et Danny Trejo, surtout que c'tait Don E. FauntLeRoy la ralisation, souvent dans les bons coups avec Seagal. Malheureusement, aprs 30 minutes plutt bien menes et malgr un Steven Seagal qui semble tre bien plus son aise que depuis Into the Sun, Urban Justice retombe dans les travers des films de sa star, devenant plus bavards, dbiles et compliqus qu'amusants et divertissants. On finit par s'ennuyer ferme en attendant patiemment le Final Showdown, qui n'arrive mme pas...

Atique F (nl) wrote: Good way to time spend.

Allan C (mx) wrote: A dated, logistical nightmare.

Job P (us) wrote: i am now a mama cass fan.

Greg W (it) wrote: Streisand produced, developed the script, and composed most of the music for this showpiece, and her efforts, as usual, pay off, above all in her angry and lively performance.

Allan C (us) wrote: I've always had a soft spot for this goofy post apocalyptic film. As post apocalyptic movies go, t's more "Cherry 2000" than "The Road Warrior", and it's probably the most "80s" looking of any of the lot, but those aren't necessarily bad things. Can't really explain it, but I just find this movie charming for some reason

Jonathan G (fr) wrote: Not gonna like I enjoy this film The writing is terrible the performances are over the top fun and the movie has character become evil for barely a reason and also very quick and the ghouiles just go around make noises that it