Leave Her to Heaven

Leave Her to Heaven

A young novelist, Richard Harland, meets beautiful Ellen Berent on a train where they fall in love and are soon married. When tragedies take first his handicapped young brother, then his unborn son from him, Harland gradually realises that his wife's insane jealousy may be the cause of the tragedies in his life. Yet another shock awaits them all, as Ellen's emotions become uncontrollable.

A writer meets a young socialite on board a train. The two fall in love and are married soon after, but her obsessive love for him threatens to be the undoing of both them and everyone else around them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen P (nl) wrote: Great movie. Jason Statham is a pretty amazing actor.

Generoso F (ag) wrote: With all the hype around Last Life In The Universe it confounds me as to why this film is not getting a US release. Interesting atmospheric mystery film with gorgeous cinematography from Chris Doyle, as always.

Marcie F (br) wrote: paul was a great man. he will be missed

David A (us) wrote: A really great movie. Slow paced at times, but really good!

Skyler B (fr) wrote: This movie being good is an urban legend (half a star for Brad Dourif)

King L (us) wrote: Interesting plot twists in this steamy story about intrigue, greed and murder.

Ian C (kr) wrote: Hackman caught behind enemy lines.

Ryan V (it) wrote: While it fails to reach the heights of Wrath of Khan, this is a fantastically done movie. The crew sacrifices career and even family to bring back Spock. And any time Klingons are along for the ride, I'm a happy camper. The final scene still brings a smile to my face decades after first seeing it.

Micaela C (es) wrote: only watch this if you're in an orchestra; then it's genius, otherwise it's just confusing

Keating T (fr) wrote: A well rounded mystery thriller, never a distasteful scene. The plot lacks some clarity. HItch did a fine job here, as he mixes up long shot and short cuts, keeps the eye entertained but the down side is he fails at ramping up the suspense.

Larry G (gb) wrote: A Hitchcock film that captured the suspense of a pre- World War Two spy tale that was wonderfully acted with a real plot line that kept you hooked from start to finish, and there was only one car chase, one shooting and one fight scene, and not one f**k word used. If you're under 30, you won't understand it. What a shame, indeed.

Carlos R (es) wrote: Beautiful, touching, funny, and amazing animation! How To Train Your Dragon is very unforgettable that soars a cute story with an outstanding musical score!

Jason J (jp) wrote: 4.25 out of 5 stars. Not for everyone -- very dark, good flow and great acting.

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