Leaving Metropolis

Leaving Metropolis

David is a painter with painter's block who takes a job as a waiter to get some inspiration. He falls for hunky diner owner Matt, who falls just as hard back. But Violet, Matt's wife is a complicating factor! Toss in David's best friends a dying pre-op transsexual best friend and an aging, bitter, fag-hag journalist. Will David break up Matt's marriage? Will Violet learn the truth? Will David or Matt learn the true meaning of love?

A famous painter creates a triangle in a young couple's marriage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tony P (nl) wrote: Interesting sport documentary film about the Manchester United FC 'Class of '92'. Six youths that went on to play over 3000 first team football games for the club winning many trophies along the way. A phenomenon unlikely to be repeated in English professional football. Non Manchester United fans have to admire the achievement of the youths.Interesting footage and first hand reliving of important moments in the careers of the players make up the bulk of the film interwoven with some needless interviews with people such as Tony Blair.

Jeff A (mx) wrote: A disappointing letdown for The Stepfather (1987) director Joseph Ruben with a by-the-numbers script, surprisingly lackluster thrills (although Ruben does have a few good old-school jolts here & there) and an anticlimactic finish (featuring some of the worst use of green screen ever, with comical low-rent special effects)! Although Michelle Monaghan tries very hard (and to her credit, okay here), it's Michael Keaton's engrossing, effective turn as the central main villain that's the best thing here!A SHAME....Two and a half stars!

Matt C (ru) wrote: There are 2 main elements to this documentary both which have varying levels of success. Half of the film follows a group of Israeli teenagers making a classroom pilgrimage to the Nazi camps in Poland. It looks at the pressure on them to feel empathy for their distant relatives and whether this reinforces their feelings of anti-semitism. This section I felt was too simplisticly presented, is there any difference between their wanting to feel part of their Jewish heritage than any other races and their desperate human need to feel a part of something, a group to belong to and someone to blame for all their problems? The second part of the film examined the arguments from some Jews that Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism are one and the same thing and I found this part much more interesting and the arguments compelling. The problem with the film (and probably with my review) is that it tries to be too comprehensive and as a result feels overlong. A lot of the arguments are as a result lost and you wonder if it would have worked better as a TV series than as a film production. We jump from light-hearted sections poking fun at Jewish publications with Anti-Semite obsessions to then suddenly being at an Anti-Defamation conference where we're discussing the Gaza strip. It doesn't quite all hang together but it's still on the whole an interesting watch.

Joey G (br) wrote: Odd little movie, but excellent. The only things that could have made it better would be if they had explained why the characters acted the way they did. Just an excellent movie.

Starn O (fr) wrote: i got the the German verison (Gefangen) OMG THAT IS NOT SOFT PORN IT IS HARDCORE PORN!!!! The us version is watered down and shitty compared to the original edit. there is more of a love story, punk have a bigger role(not just getting beat or naked)... As odd as this might sound the porn version it better not just for the sex but for understanding the roles everyone plays.

Jack P (nl) wrote: Rolling Kansas is a truly underrated comedy about the brothers Murphy. They are Dick (James Roday), the oldest brother, Dinkadoo (Sam Huntington), the handicapped jerk, and Dave (Jay Paulson), the unsuccessful business owner. Along with their friends Kevin (Charlie Finn) and Hunter (Ryan McDow), they travel across the country when they find out that their parents owned a big field of weed. The film features smart, funny dialogue, perfect timing, and a surprisingly worth while message about friends, families, and relationships overall. The film reminds me of a kind of independent, stoner version of Road Trip. While there is not actually any pot smoking in the film itself, it can be said that it is one of the best stoner films ever made. I couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole movie, but by the end it ends up becoming surprisingly touching and heartwarming. It's sure as hell a good sign when a film about a road trip to find a field of drugs turns heartwarming. All the young actors are excellent, along with Rip Torn as an old man who helps them find the field of weed, and the film is a must see to anyone with even a tiny sense of humor or heart in their bodies.

Sam J (gb) wrote: This is the stupidest movie plot and title combination I have ever heard of. I have to see this film!

Jack G (gb) wrote: two words: Phillip Glass. and a third one: bees

Liam U (de) wrote: Marginally better than the first film. Better pacing and a good Invisible Man inspired villain. Some of the acting and dialogue leaves much to be desired.

Richard D (es) wrote: Bela plays a professor of psychology who also runs a soup kitchen under an assumed identity. He uses the soup kitchen to recruit hobos and criminals to perform robberies for him. After a robbery is pulled off, he kills his recruits and turns the bodies over to an alcoholic doctor who works at the soup kitchen. The doctor turns them into zombies that he hides in the cellar of the kitchen. Things start to go wrong for him when one of his students goes undercover as a bum to research a paper for Lugosi's class, and ends up coming to the soup kitchen. Oh, and the student's girlfriend happens to volunteer at the kitchen. A cop is also involved. This little flick packs enough plot for 3 movies into a compact 1 hour running time. For this reason alone, it's one of Lugosi's better poverty row cheapies.

Deeper B (ru) wrote: "right now, you're all losers.. because you're lost" but tomorrow , i'll promise you.. you'll be winners" simply motivational quote!

Kyle B (de) wrote: Whereas a number of period pieces fall short, this is a seemingly perfect recreation of the late Depression / early WWII era. It was fun watching this with my grandmother and talking about the music - the soundtrack is exceptional, a great introduction to swing. September Song is used to exceptional effect throughout the film.