Lecture 21

Lecture 21

A student takes a bizarre trip through the Italian Alps after being inspired by a professor's lecture on Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" from his Ninth Symphony.

A student takes a bizarre trip through the Italian Alps after being inspired by a professor's lecture on Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" from his Ninth Symphony. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike G (br) wrote: predictable and unrealistica western version of the walking dead with even negan there

Simon C (jp) wrote: This film is a turd, although cheesily entertaining. I'm perversely curious about the sequel. To be continued...

Shymaaalilivecom S (jp) wrote: bad story, good music

Jess G (es) wrote: This was a charming film about a young girl, Anna, who grows up in a household of radical changes reflecting ideological and political conflicts on an international scale. "The film covers an array of philosophy and ideology - everything from Communism to Catholicism to Greek and Asian mythology - which Anna must reconstruct from confusion into her own set of beliefs. As she negotiates her way through this ideological maze and ultimately internalises her parents' well-meant (albeit ad-hoc) objectives, she must deal with stereotyping, misinformation, the potential hypocrisy of ideology and the potentially false hope of idealism."

BanFoo L (de) wrote: A most interesting and suspenseful French thriller. Could have been a half hour shorter though. Interesting to me that both Charlottes - Gainsbourg and Rampling - are actually English-born and English-speaking. I believe this was the movie that brought Gainsbourg to the attention of Hollywood. This movie was just before her performance in the quirky La science des rves (The Science of Sleep), opposite Gael Garca Bernal.

Amanda H (us) wrote: There's not a lot of plot development in this movie, so I can imagine it won't appeal to everyone, but I actually quite enjoyed it. The acting is great, the family dynamic is realistic, and this is overall a really interesting character study. It's very slow moving and not entirely satisfying, but it's good nonetheless.

Robert C (gb) wrote: If you're a fan of Argento, then you'll enjoy Sleepless. It is Argento doing what he does best. Stringing you along from one grizzly murder to another. There are several very nicely shot scenes here and lots of blood and gore. Though the story as a whole seemed a bit "rehashed" and the ending, a bit predictable...I'm always willing to "hop in the car" and go for another wild ride with Mr. Argento.


Larry W (it) wrote: No critical consensus in 25 years!? Did we forget to save the clippings on this one?

Adelle T (us) wrote: amazing movie..i cry every time..not just tears i'm talking full action crying bohoo hoo..i got a copy from ebay..there's plenty there

Michael W (nl) wrote: John Hurt conquers--in order--Kirstie Alley, cancer and the Equestrian Grand National. A monumental achievement by any standard. A familiar formula that has been maximized to better effect elsewhere.

Gabriel T (br) wrote: Vibrant, imaginative, and adventurous, Henry Selick's Coraline is a beautiful stop-motion picture, that your eyes can't simply behold, because of how wonderful both the visuals and the storytelling are.

Morten S (kr) wrote: Ganske habil sci-fi thriller, fyldt med twists og luskede personager... den helt store "afsloering" til sidst, er dog alt for let at gennemskue, hvilket traekker ned.

David S (kr) wrote: The Man with the Iron Fists is a movie with great potential, using a great cast and some interesting ideas and mash-ups, but it ultimately fails with a talent-less director who cannot act, and yet is the main star of the show. RZA has the same expression throughout the movie, delivers an already poor dialogue with no fluctuation, and was the perpetrator of the poorly written dialogue for the rest of the film. Most of the actors tried their best with the simplistic speech they were given, but combine it with terrible special effects, a story that has no coherent consistency, and the worst sound-track, everyone involved is doomed to look like a failure. Luckily for the movie industry, this is the only venture RZA directed, and that is his one redeeming feature. The Man with the Iron Fists is a very cringe-worthy show, filled with glamorized violence, executed by poor generic fight sequences. It belongs in a recyclable dust bin.