A wealthy wine grower has trouble with his wife, his children, his best friend, and his mistress across the way, who is murdered.

A wealthy wine grower has trouble with his wife, his children, his best friend, and his mistress across the way, who is murdered. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mohammed A (fr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Claire T (ag) wrote: ok but not watching it again, I thought it would be better than this, Dennis Quaid and Hugh Grant was ok, I didn't think it was a good film so I won't be watch it again, it also starred Chris Klein

April V (br) wrote: I actually liked this movie (mostly bcause it had alot to do with a autobiography n it) but also bcause u got to know more of the character of the man who was writin' the autobiography,too. What I didn't like about it was bcause of all of the gayness in it, I thought that they could take away alot of that from the movie and I also didn't like how Sandra's character wasn't n it as much as some of her other movies,too. In the movie, it felt like her character was more shy,distant and didn't wanna b part of the spotlight of Capote's autobiography....it did drag abit too much but it was a good movie,tho. Just not 1 of Sandra's best,I thought.

Mat S (gb) wrote: Possibly the only good film in the series, truly underrated, but that's just my opinion. The demons in this movie are actually creepy and they represent back ally bullies. A very original and inventive way to metaphor the true nature of these guys. I was quite surprised when I found out this was only released as a made for TV movie, since the production value and acting was very well done. If only they didn't make any sequels, this is one of those films that's great by it's self.

Mohamed H S (de) wrote: A great movie by woody allen with the strategy he made from rolling over the memories and the talking to the camera "unique" work and one of the most beautiful realistic romance movies ever made

Daniel Q (it) wrote: As a kid, I remember my parents giving me permission to stay up late when TNT was having a Bond Marathon. I would literally start watching the movies from the beginning of the marathon right down to the end. It's this reason why I'll admit that my rating is definitely influenced by the nostalgic effect this film has on me. The last time I saw this film I was probably 7 or 8. I found it incredible, how 15 years later, I was able to remembered most of the movie in detail. While now its admittedly silly, the scene where Bond hops over the crocodiles always captivated me. Also, the dude with a metal claw for an arm has always been a memorable child hood "bad guy". So what did I think of it this time around? Roger Moore's first foray as 007, is an action packed thrill ride and a solid addition to the Bond franchise. While it's undeniably silly and the plot is preposterous, it's a Bond movie and that's to be expected. It has everything a 007 film should have; action, espionage, explosions, car chases, romance, humor, and charm. Oh and we can't forget the eternally awesome "Live and Let Die" original song by Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Linda :).

Barry L (nl) wrote: Very silly but still a fantastic seagoing yarn.

Chris (jp) wrote: It's an hour and 40 minute long Soap Opera set in the 1800's. Luckily, Vincent Price is his usual creepy self and Gene Tierney is great and, as usual, incredibly hot.

Saul P (ca) wrote: Very cool concept. Very inmersive story line and the animation is incredible.

bill s (us) wrote: Entertaining but overly sappy and melodramatic..,,,better if made for TV.

Rick B (de) wrote: Decent sci-fi movie. Not so much a horror flick as a psychological thriller. Good for killing time and you won't hate Dennis Quaid for making this movie. Passable.

Troy K (us) wrote: It's pretty bad, but still has it's moments. Not recommended.