Left Bank

Left Bank

A chilling thriller about a woman, who upon moving in with her new boyfriend, becomes obsessed with the fate of the previous tenant and descends into madness.

When Marie moves into her boyfriend's apartment, she uncovers a disturbing mystery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Left Bank torrent reviews

Heather M (kr) wrote: This story was suprisingly delightful. The narrator was a strange addition to the movie until you settle into the idea of being told a story. I loved the cast in this and the sending was adorable.

Justin T (gb) wrote: An eye opening film about the empowerment of women.

chris p (es) wrote: never seen it heard it was hillarious

Jamie K (gb) wrote: A great film that glimpses into the affects of communism in China from the point of view of one family and their struggle to live.

Lukas P (de) wrote: Loved this fucking movie, it actually made me laugh dozens of times -- awesome Takeshi, I'm glad I tracked this fucker down.

Iris E (ag) wrote: This is a film pretending to be a documentary. I love the wonton joke, even though it is so corny. It really gets you thinking by the end of it though!

Jaakko K (de) wrote: Hammerin 70-luvun viimeinen kauhuelokuva on sysipaskaa loppuaan lukuun ottamatta kaikin puolin kelvollinen maanaja -teos. Christopher Lee on ainoa oikea valinta nyttelemn itse Vanhaa Vihtahousua...

Red L (gb) wrote: Another teen angst movie, except the characters are a little older, and the plot is a stretch. The whole point of teen angst movies is to mature and discover yourself, but this movie is not as interesting or funny as others in this genre

Spencer H (us) wrote: An okay horror movie, Child's Play isn't really scary, but it's pretty entertaining.

Tim M (gb) wrote: Quite simply one of the best movies of 2007. It's a simple premise in which one decision changes the lives forever of three people. Everything about the movie is lovely from the score to the direction to the acting.