Left Right Left

Left Right Left

The basic story of the movie revolves around P.K. Jayan aka 'Vattu' Jayan (played by Indrajith) and Roy Joseph aka Che Guevera Roy (played by Murali Gopy). Vattu Jayan is a corrupt cop who manages his daily necessities through bribed money and does not touch his salary for anything. Che Guevara Roy is an ex-communist comrade who now teaches in a school with his wife.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Malayalam
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   hero,   politics,  

Interlinked story of three men (an evil politician, an eccentric cop & a former revolutionist)with different perspectives on life resulted due to confrontation of death in their childhood. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyle S (fr) wrote: True to the first game for the most part. There were some things changes and some cases were glossed over, but it still runs like a crime drama with random obsurd elements like the games.

Sidrth P (br) wrote: It is an awesome family movie in the world of fantasy...

Eric R (ca) wrote: Garbage. It's a major disappointment coming from DePalma but this film feels more like a film student made it. It's manipulative and condescending towards the audience. Redacted really wastes it's style on a simplistic, superficial look into the Iraqi War. The film seems to think its eye opening but its just pretenious and terrible. If you want to watch something which gives you an inside look at the Iraqi War from the grunts pov stick to David Simon's Generation Kill. This sucks.

Elise M (mx) wrote: Extremely hard to watch, even for me. Very realistic and very infuriating.

Reggie H (it) wrote: Great metaphysical Movie!

Matthew P (ag) wrote: This movie was stupid.

Adam S (it) wrote: Wonderfully strange and sweet claymation film from Australia, directed by Adam Elliot, about a mentally disabled man who makes of life what he can as one bit of bad luck after another comes at him. The lesson is terrific; despite the obstacles, live life to the fullest, and in Harvie's case, that's becoming a nudist, marrying a nurse, adopting a handicapped baby, and cramming his scarred, magnetic head with as many "fakts" as possible. Elliot won an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, and the success led him to the brilliant, expanded "Mary and Max", which bears many similarities to Harvie, including it's warm, whacked sense of humor.

Zachary G (mx) wrote: "What the hell did that monster do to you? "I've been wanting to see this movie for a long time. I'm so glad that I've seen it.Sybil is a tragic story of a girl that develops multiple personalities to cope with her past.Sallly Field gives 110% on her performance. It's pure magic the way she acts.

Carlos M (nl) wrote: A sweet coming-of-age story with an adorable sense of humor, an awesome soundtrack and some superb performances by Stanton, Cryer and Potts, and if the end may not please you (like it did please me), the sincere way the movie shows the insecurities of youth definitely will.

Susannah W (it) wrote: better than high school musical

Vivian G (ag) wrote: It's a bit old but still good, though I prefer the new version, than the old version. Because it captures the love in today's society and in modern day setting.

Matt F (de) wrote: Equal parts smutty and poetic. Kitty knows exactly what it is and delivers all the goods without discretion. Tinto Brass' camera leers, making the viewer complicit in the lives, loves and crimes being carried out onscreen. Salon Kitty is a perfect encapsulation of the 70's era period filmmaking.

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