Left to Die

Left to Die

With help from U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown, Tammi Chase (Rachael Leigh Cook) fights to free her mother (Barbara Hershey) from an Ecuadorean prison.

A woman takes an innocent vacation in Ecuador but ends up being wrongly imprisoned for drug trafficking. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff J (fr) wrote: If you're a Zeppelin, this is a 'must see'. Good enough to watch and listen to over and over and over again!

Ryan W (us) wrote: The acting is good but apart from that there is nothing else that I can recommend

Hani H (nl) wrote: it is a pretty documentary about this little country ''Estonia" but somehow it wasnt that convincing and the plot somehow showed all the soviet as occupiers and stuff which i really dont beleive

Alex L (nl) wrote: seen but hard to understand if you havent read the boolk

Pascal M (us) wrote: Surprisingly good, entertaining film, very personal and colourful with Cher, and contrast of life between different expats in Italy as Mussolini rise towards war and facism...

Clifford B (es) wrote: Check it out, you'll be pleasently suprized

Keith E (es) wrote: all i'm gonna say about this one is that it's a shame it hasn't been released on DVD yet to my knowledge. one of the good horror flicks of the 80's that is sadly not very well known at all.

vernon m (ca) wrote: Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis look at the lighter side of the Army.

Jose Miguel G (ru) wrote: Some can classify it as pretentious, but to be fair, even with some of its story-plot-weak devices, the film still grabs inside the substance that, in the end, it sort of delivers, along with the performances and stylish visuals.

Lamar W (ag) wrote: killed it took two weeks to finish good acting tho