The story of the Mormon pioneers from the 1830's to the 1890's. The movie follows the experiences of Eliza Williams from New York to Missouri to Illinois to Utah. Eliza endures sickness, ...

The story of the Mormon pioneers from the 1830's to the 1890's. The movie follows the experiences of Eliza Williams from New York to Missouri to Illinois to Utah. Eliza endures sickness, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin L (us) wrote: Story was meh, action sequences were same.

Edmund C (gb) wrote: Fairly enjoyable for the first 3 quarters, so much so that I paused it frequently, feeling quite unhurried :) Good to see Deepika in a different type of role - that of a modern independent gal following her passion and dreams. The middle part had scenes that resonated with me, when Aaliya is seen to have been too independent, ie realizing her dreams without engaging her loved ones. The movie has some simple but profound lines and well-chosen songs, and while Imran and Deepika don't exactly sizzle with chemistry, both do well.

Jonathan B (it) wrote: This is a film that seems to exist solely to give Dick van Dyke's grandson writer and lead actor credits. I started out expecting a B grade film to begin with, but my family and I kept dropping it a letter grade every 15 minutes or so.There are, however, a few bright spots.1) Bruce Boxleitner proves a veteran actor can deliver a good performance even when given nothing of substance.2) We found considerable entertainment in seeing how many times we could name the movie from which some particular scene or element was stolen. There's a mixture of scenes from Transformers, Alien, various sci fi, every zombie film ever....we just kept seeing places the script had straight up borrowed things.

Davide P (kr) wrote: I actually enjoy this movie up to the very end. IMO all the actors did a great job. This movie was only going to get three stars but the end ruined it for me.

DJ J (au) wrote: Possible spoiler will be bordered in STARS. Review: This movie is so childlike ridiculous. Although it was a decent watch, there were just so many annoyances. *****POSSIBLE SPOILER***** The major annoyance was all the high school bickering and jealousy between the adults. It was like, no he's my man! No he's mine!! The way these people used each other as spiteful trophies was pitiful. I mean, I felt like I was watching some teen show on TBS is was so bad. But, if you can get past that, there is some mystery and intrigue throughout the movie, but this definitely isn't a blockbuster. ****END OF SPOILER**** Just a little hint as to what you can expect to see... A separated married couple fight to try and save their son who is trapped down an old mine ventilating shaft in some woods filled with paranormal activity. The whole concept is likable, but as I said earlier, if you can get past the annoyances, you will enjoy this film. The ending has a twist that will make you scream OMG!!!

Kate M (fr) wrote: Love this movie cause Corbin Bleu is in it and the music is really good.

Victor B (nl) wrote: Sincere, true and original. Walter Salles again surprises.

Mackayla b (ag) wrote: Awesome movie for everyone

Thirdeye1001 (gb) wrote: An action pact, stylish film based on multiple assassins who are forced to battle to the death. The last three standing get a prize. However, when people start getting together in larger groups than three people, their allies become their enemies; thus causing for a very interesting action flick.

Richard S (ca) wrote: Good film to watch on TV. Scott Glenn is very good in the film.

Colin F (it) wrote: They really do not make films like Cry of the Banshee anymore. The film starts off quite poor, but as the story moves on it really is a very good and original film, much better then some of the Hammer Horrors of that era. The story at times is quite bizare, features Patrick Mower as a Werewolf! The film is very well shot, so clear on DVD for a film from 1970. Excellent shock ending as well. Features Vincent Price back to his Witchfinding! and a young Michael Elphick Aka Boon!

Kaisa L (it) wrote: Niita leffoja, joista ei muista enaa mitaan 5 minuuttia sen jalkeen, kun se on loppunut.

Romel A (us) wrote: Great acting from this KY boy! (Carmel by the Sea is one of the places I want to live...)

bill k (jp) wrote: A good honest old-fashioned baseball movie well acted.