A photojournalist deported from a war zone in Asia meets up with a woman who is looking for her father. He offers to help her...

A dedicated war photographer joins a beautiful Eurasian girl on a dangerous quest for her legacy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erin S (ag) wrote: It was a beautiful movie, that provokes deep thought. Unfortunately, most of society is uninterested in movies that make them think anymore, hence all the negativity.

sofia a (us) wrote: I want to see it so badly but free

Helters S (nl) wrote: A movie about postman pat fighting robots?! Wtf?

Brad S (jp) wrote: Slightly funny but all in all quite forgettable.

Elise P (es) wrote: This is a good documentary intertwining the story of Buck's training of horses and his personal story of growing up. The horse work is amazing to watch and beautiful with the gentle handling. The film has some great interviews. However, the film lacks a bit of punch though, and at times overly emphasises the impact of Buck's upbringing I think. Some parts are incredibly moving and overall the film is great, with interesting characters. A beautiful watch for anyone interested in animals, training and psychology. Overall it is a good informative documentary about horse training, but also a moving and great human interest story.

Edward K (br) wrote: a very good movie and it even has cynthia from malcom in the middle in it

Lee Anne W (fr) wrote: 90 minutes of artsy fartsy Norse horseshit. But it is proof that even with a man bun and one eye, Mads Mikkelsen is just about the hottest man alive.

Tom D (gb) wrote: have you seen the pope lately?

Faisal K (ru) wrote: Yash Chopra: Personal Favorites

Wahida K (us) wrote: The real Hero in the Movie was the Dog, there is a Scene where small kids throw Stones against the dog, I cried my eyes off. I have never seen something like that. Back to the plot. It is a simple Love Story, nothing like Laila Majnu....more later

Rui M (it) wrote: Pseudo documentary certainly has its moments but you should be a fan of 1970s exploitation to appreciate it. Ah, those Italian movie makers.

Magda P (jp) wrote: Spodziewalam sie gniotka... i sie zawiodlam. Ani jednego wygenerowanego komputerowo pajaka. Wszystkie prawdziwe! Balam sie :)

Joshua P (au) wrote: moondance Alexander was a incredible movie I definitely enjoyed this film because horses are my number 1 favourite animal in the world this inspired me to get involved in horse jumping I would definitely watch this movie again ?

Heather M (au) wrote: Powerful performances from Saldana and Ruffalo. This story is heartbreaking and uplifting and a must see for fans of quirky characters.