Legacy: Black Ops

Legacy: Black Ops

An AWOL Black Ops soldier mentally unravels when holed up in a Brooklyn motel room.

Black Ops operative Malcolm Gray returns home after a botched mission in Eastern Europe. Holed up in a Brooklyn motel room, he is torn between retribution and personal salvation as he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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bill b (fr) wrote: Panagiotis Fafoutis made a good job.Its a simple entertaining film. Do not have great expectations :)Its good for Saturday night

Peter P (gb) wrote: Nice cars, and lots of cool footage, but man is it sad when he wrecks his car.

Marty W (es) wrote: Unforgettable, especially the alien who wants to be anything but lonely.

Olivier B (es) wrote: This is a strange but smart horror movie.

Loyal D (es) wrote: This movie was really really good! I went into it thinking that it would be a pile of rubbish and later discovered otherwise. Everything about this movie was very real and very well done. The script, acting, and directing in this film were all on point with good theatrical standards. I was shocked at how good of an actor Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson was in his theatrical debut. He did well. This is a great biography story about the good and the bad of being a gangster. I know that sounds stupid, but it is reality and this movie really captures the story well. I thought it was better than Eminem's 8 Mile in comparisson. I highly recommend giving this movie a chance. To my suprise, I loved it!

crawford m (de) wrote: I love matthew perry's humor, and this movie had a good amount of humor, along with a good plot

Lena B (ca) wrote: Corny but I loved it!

Cathy F (au) wrote: Cute story! Boy meets girl, girl discovers who boy is, forbidden romance ensues, boy loses girl because of stupidity and boy wins girl back!

Sylvester K (mx) wrote: A ground breaking film to challenge the taboo of the German culture. Made with a shoestring budget, Taxi Zum Klo is a marvelous film looking at the struggles Ripploh himself faces as a public school teacher in the day, but an active hustler at night. The explicit content was sure to shock many, I thought the use of jumpcuts with vintage pornography was quite a clever twist in terms of editing. Taxi Zum Klo was also hilarious to watch with its use of awkward comedy. Perhaps not for everyone but certainly an interesting piece of art house gem.

Jim C (br) wrote: It was intriguing to see the first person depiction of the rise of the Third Reich from the perspective of a child, whose shocking introductions to the adult world are traumatic for character and the audience. But the movie is a little bit too long for me.

Luc L (nl) wrote: A circus of bizarre personalities. A vivid color film.

Matthew M (ca) wrote: Oh my god, could you imagine who thought it would be a good idea to have Peter Graves reacting to giant projection screens of nature films as if he were battling lizards and insects making nonsense noise... for ten minutes...

ClaRita C (mx) wrote: The beginning of reality TV I guess.

Matt H (fr) wrote: Solid comedy, Caine is a highlight. Could have used a better Moriarty, and truthfully Ben Kingsley wasn't that great either, but that's probably a fault of the script and not the actor. It could have been better in parts I feel, the execution wasn't sometimes that good, perhaps a better director would have helped. Interesting premise that might work as a remake.

Christina E (jp) wrote: Not bad! For a slasher film, it's seriously lacking in gore. But the body count makes it totally worth it! Add in the homage to Halloween, a mental patient brother, and viola...instant cult classic!!!