Suave, charming and volatile, Reggie Kray and his unstable twin brother Ronnie start to leave their mark on the London underworld in the 1960s. Using violence to get what they want, the siblings orchestrate robberies and murders while running nightclubs and protection rackets. With police Detective Leonard "Nipper" Read hot on their heels, the brothers continue their rapid rise to power and achieve tabloid notoriety.

The true story of London's most notorious gangsters, twins Reggie and Ronnie Kray. As the brothers rise through the criminal underworld, Ronnie advances the family business with violence and intimidation while Reggie struggles to go legitimate for local girl Frances Shea. In and out of prison, Ronnie's unpredictable tendencies and the slow disintegration of Reggie's marriage threaten to bring the brothers' empire tumbling to the ground. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Byron B (kr) wrote: Uses real news footage of Diana and the British people's reactions following her death. When Helen Mirren or Michael Sheen are on screen their performances hold your attention fairly well. The dichotomy between the common people and the royal family is illustrated well. The plot plods along through many of the events of the summer of '97 though.

Movie K (br) wrote: Is this South Korea answer to Top Gun? The movie is good, action pack. The aerial shots are good. Rain is rank Captain and in the Black Eagles squadron. He is cocky but very good pilot. During an air show, he break away from formation and perform an unplanned stunt call zero knot. When the jet reach near the canal, he start engine and roar through, make a mess for the crowd. He is kick out of the team and transfer to 21st Recon squadron, flying F15. He met his classmate Lee Ha-na and go under the team of Major Kim Seong-su. He is also the boyfriend of Ha-na and a single father. Rain also meet the technician of the jets Shin Se-Kyung (very pretty) and the master sergeant Oh Dal-soo. Jo Sung-ha is the general commander of the base. Rookie graduate pilot Lieutenant Lee Jong-suk also join them. Major Yoo Jun-sang is the top gun pilot of the squadron and he is discipline. Everyone knows about Rain stunt during the airshow. On a test flight, Rain partner rookie and he fly by the tower, causing the General to spill his coffee onto Captain Jung Kyung-ho, WSO of Jun-sang. During a dogfight exercise, Rain is defeated by Jun-sang. Kyung-ho keep picking on Se-Kyung saying the steering is off. She keep giving Rain cold shoulder. An upcoming traditional competition, Rain hope to win so he can transfer back to Black Eagles. He ask Se-Kyung to assist him. They spend lots of time together discussing. Rain bought beer which isn't allow to drink in base. She bet him if he lose, she get to slap him. He says if he win, they must go on date. She got drunk and got rowdy. Dal-soo told Rain she is also a air force graduate but due to her rupture ear drum, she can't be pilot. But she chose to be technician. Kyung-ho ask the commander if the winner have any prize. The commander says he will grant one wish within his means. The competition require the pilot to hit 5 target precise in short time. Rain is expert in low altitude flight and he win the contest with rookie. North Korea has internal coup and the intel spread to Korea. Seong-su propose to Ha-na and she accepted. He will be quitting soon. During a reconnaissance mission, a NK jet fly into the zone and is a defector. So the two jets escort him. Then came another NK jet and he destroy the defector. The two jets chase it and the enemy fly into city, causing damages. They can't fire unlike the enemy because it is dangerous. Jun-sang also deploy in to assist. Seong-su and rookie chase it all the way towards NK side. Suddenly it pulls up and now become the predator, and shot down the jet. Rookie has fainted and Seong-su ejected his seat. The plane is crashing towards civilian place and he try to steer away. His eject system fail and he crash and burn. Jun-sang has lock on target but he can't fire because the enemy flown into armistice zone. Rain and Jun-sang fight in the locker room, blaming him gutless for notfiring and cause death. USA have intel on NK refueling the ICBMs and they are aiming at USA. So they have taken control of the ops, going to deploy B2 bomber to kill enemy. USA disallow any other ops from Korea to rescue their stranded rookie pilot. Rain insist to fly solo for the mission and is lock up by the commander. Jun-sang is with Rain on this one and manage to plead with commander to do this secret mission. The defense minister also give green light. Jun-sang want Ha-na to partner him and Rain will fly the T50 to take out the launch pad. They fly into the enemy zone and is attack. Easily they wipe out the airstrip and the SAR team save the rookie pilot. Rain is chase by 1 missile and flare is used up. He use zero knot to evade the missile and continue his mission to destroy the launch pad. After mission success, the missile is back again and bomb his jet. He crash into the sea and everyone thought he is dead. SAR team found him alive and return to base. Jun-sang shake his hand. Rain ask the commander for the wish and it is to fly Se-Kyung in the F15. General told him he can transfer back to Black Eagles and Rain quickly rejected the idea. He got his wish and make Se-Kyung happy.

Collin P (us) wrote: While far from perfect, Europa Report delivers an entertaining story with a surprising amount of chills and depth as well.

Rachel P (nl) wrote: Was not expecting that twist at the end.

Zackaria H (es) wrote: lame,lame-o,lamness bot romantic,distracting controlling sister real life producers stupid irish band aweful actors,this should be banned from DVD stans!!

Susan S (ru) wrote: Great , inspiring family movie - based on truth. Little girl show time and time again CHARACTER.

Dan L (gb) wrote: Not as good as the first one! So so story even the actions were pretty cool. Billy Chow can fight better than that for sure.

Lasse S (au) wrote: I love this movie... I feel young again when i see it... Michael Dudikoff and David Bradley are SUPERB....

James M (br) wrote: By far the BEST ski movie ever! Hot Dog is a distant 3rd in this category behind Ski School.

Scarlett E (jp) wrote: This is the best story about a dog and his person/family.

Ola G (gb) wrote: Ben Wrightman, a 7-year-old boy, is going to a Red Sox game with his Uncle Carl. His uncle, who had no children of his own, treated Ben like a son. A narration explains that on that day, Ben became a die-hard Red Sox fan. Just about everything he owns bears the Red Sox name, emblem, or image of a Red Sox player (with the exception of his toilet paper, which bears the New York Yankees insignia). Ben inherited his uncle's season tickets when Carl died. The story picks up 23 years later with Ben (Jimmy Fallon) as a school teacher who is immature for his age. He meets Lindsey Meeks (Drew Barrymore), a professionally successful workaholic executive. When Ben first asks her out, Lindsey rejects him, but she later changes her mind and agrees to go out with him. On their first date, Ben finds Lindsey very sick and vomiting. She has food poisoning from a new restaurant where she had dined earlier that day. Ben decides to spend the night and take care of her, as well as clean up her bathroom (whimsically telling her it was the "Vomit Elves" that did the work). The next morning, Lindsey, feeling better, finds Ben sleeping on her couch. Ben awakens, and he and Lindsey end up developing a romantic relationship. Overcoming her initial hesitance, Lindsey becomes attracted to Ben because of his ability to show passionate commitment to something. That spring, he later pretends he is proposing to her but instead asks her to the Red Sox Opening Day, where Stephen King (a longtime Sox fan) throws the first pitch. Lindsey attends, but not being a baseball or Red Sox fan, she knows nothing about the Curse of the Bambino or even how to pronounce the name Yastrzemski. The two continue attending the games together until one summer night when Lindsey attempts to catch up on work by taking her laptop to the game. Not paying attention to the game, she is knocked out by a line drive foul ball by then Baltimore Orioles shortstop Miguel Tejada off Mike Myers (which ends up making the late night sports highlight reel). She eventually recovers but stops going to the games. Things take a turn for the worse when Lindsey invites Ben to accompany her to Paris, and he declines the offer because the Red Sox are in the heat of the playoff race. Will Bens obessions with the Boston Red Sox finally destroy his relationship with Lindsey?..."Fever Pitch" is loosely based on author Nick Hornby's autobiographical essay "Fever Pitch" tackling his fanatical obsession with Arsenal while growing up. The movieversion came out in 1997 starring Colin Firth. "Fever Pitch" is a dimwitted remake to be honest were the focus has been switched to the US and baseball instead of England and soccer. I really like Jimmy Fallon in his role today as the host of "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" but he has never been a strong actor and this is yet another example of that, as he is not really convincing as the obsessed Ben. Drew Barrymore is adorable, but just like Fallon she has never been a great actress. She always ends up typecasted in the same sort of roles and you never believe her characters either. And with the Farrelly brothers, kings toilet humour, behind the direction the film hardly becomes something worth watching. For being European I do like baseball, but the game never becomes intresting in "Fever Pitch" either, and yet that is the main pillar in the film. This just has to be seen as a "ball".

David L (kr) wrote: Madagascar is a mediocre film. It is not bad per say as it does have solid acting, a couple of funny lines and okay characters, but it is definitely not good either as the humor is too lazy, the story is way too familiar and predictable, some characters are annoying and it has probably the worst animation DreamWorks has ever put out. It is one of the company's worst films without a doubt.

Moya W (de) wrote: Well... I never really got into this movie the way that I had hoped. In the end all it really ended up being was okay. Some scenes were entertaining, whilst there were other scenes that I had a hard time comprehending, in the end this was a forgettable movie that doesn't really stay with you long enough to have any relevant thoughts about it.

Matthew P (nl) wrote: There's a line that you can't cross when making a film like Rollerball. When you come to the point in the production -- and this can be as early as when you first read the script but are being offered a ton of money and therefore are moving ahead on the film anyway -- when you realize that the movie isn't going to be good, you have to at least keep it competent. You can't just give up and make the film both silly, stupid and incomprehensible. Unfortunately, Rollerball is all three of those things, although it's played so straight that there isn't a single laugh given by any of the actors within it. We begin somewhere in America, watching a street race involving people lying down on skateboards and racing through traffic without being able to see where they're going. It's like the luge, except with a much greater chance of death. The police are aware of this, as they show up with an entire squadron in order to stop two daredevils willing to risk their lives for a bit of fun. One of them crashes, while the other, Jonathan (Chris Klein), is picked up by his friend, Marcus (LL Cool J), just narrowly avoiding the seemingly endless number of cops who dedicate their time to stopping this travesty. Marcus informs Jonathan that over in Europe and parts of Asia, there's a mysterious game called "Rollerball," which pays big money for Americans to come over to play. Jonathan, a wannabe NHLer, wants to stay in America to pursue his dream, but after being dropped off and finding out that the cops are still pursuing him, he decides to board a plane and join Marcus' team. At least, I assume that's what happened, as the film lets us jump to our own conclusions. I swear this is true: The very next scene has Jonathan on a team, and as the main star, presumably after one incredible game, as he still goes around referring to himself as the "new player." At this point, I was trying to remember if Jonathan was the name of the guy we met earlier, or if he was going to be rival of the new player. Nope, they're the same person, and we have no idea how he got to this position. He's not even that good once the Rollerball games begin. Sure, he's talented, but so is everyone else. Not even the Rollerball parts of Rollerball make sense. That is the single thing that the filmmakers needed to get right. I could forgive terrible plotting, acting, editing -- even the lighting frequently got in the way of my enjoyment -- but if the titular sport is done poorly, I'm sorry, but we're pretty much done here. The rules are explained to us by a television broadcaster played by Paul Heyman, although they never factor in. All I could understand was that there is a figure-eight track, and you need to throw a metallic ball into a goal to score. Apart from that, the rules are unclear. They're thrown out during the final game anyway, which made me wonder what the purpose was to include them. "So that the stakes can be raised at the end," the film would argue, although that purpose is fulfilled by the girl being captured and needing rescue. The Rollerball scenes are pieced together without a coherent thought, images are interspersed that do not connect, there's no logic to anything that happens, and we frequently cut away to see Jean Reno as the businessman make funny quips in a faux Russian accent. Oh, and there are motorcycles on each team, even though most people are wearing roller blades on their feet. Why? Yes, there ends up being a plot involve Reno's character, television ratings and a cable deal, not to mention a rebellion because -- I don't really know. This is about as incoherent as a film can get. I know that there were characters but why they cared about each other or would risk their lives so that others don't die gets ignored. I know that Jonathan and Aurora (Rebecca Romijyn-Stamos) fall in love, although the "why" is once again not brought up. I guess it doesn't matter; she's there to become Princess Peach anyway. I should mention that there was a film in the 70s that was also titled "Rollerball." It was similar to this one, except that it made sense. Surprisingly, it was actually set more in the future than this 2002 installment is, taking place in 2018 as opposed to 2005. I don't know if this film would have been improved if it was set more than 40 years after its release, but it would have at least helped with the dystopic idea that tried to be utilized. Yeah, there are poor people in the world. Jonathan and Curtis get paid -- as one character says -- 100x as well as the people working in mines. There's definitely a class disparity at work here, and this was kind of a big point in the original. So that's missing, even though there are portions of the film when I thought it was going to be brought up and focused on. That doesn't happen, and instead, we focus on a non-important plot or -- and I wish I was kidding here -- a fifteen minute sequence shot in "night vision," despite none of the characters wearing night vision goggles. Rollerball is ridiculous. I don't think it could be something different. But it takes itself too seriously, which is a problem when your material is this bad, is handled poorly, and doesn't make sense. Nothing in this film works. Go watch the original if you want to see basically the same film, but slightly better. Otherwise, you're better watching any sport on cable. Even watching basketball, which I consider to be the most boring sport you can see, would be more enjoyable. This is a terrible film on all possible levels, and you're better off using your time for pretty much anything else.

Evan M (es) wrote: I was really surprised by all the negative reviews for this film. Then again, it's all subjective. I found this "based on a true story" to be gripping and intense with some great scares. A "things that go bump in the night" setup for some true terror, including a very disturbing climax. Watch with all the lights out and the volume LOUD.

Nicole M (ru) wrote: This movie was so much fun! Seeing it live action in today's day and age really does show me what a ridiculous concept it is, but I still can't help but love it because it somehow just works. It was hilarious, charming, and packed more ninja action. And let's not forget that great Ninja Rap reference when Casey was interrogating the barkeep. This movie really let the mutants shine and wonderfully showed off the brothers' bond.