Legend Of The Dragon

Legend Of The Dragon

Chow plays a naive young kung fu student who leaves his rural home on a small island to find his fortune in Hong Kong under the dubious guidance of his uncle (Leung Kar Yan) who cons him into using his natural skills as a snooker player for financial gain. This film also starred six-time world snooker finalist Jimmy White as Chow’s final opponent.

Stephen Chow leaves for the big city to try and save his home by winning the huge snooker tournament... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Megan T (jp) wrote: Hilarious movie. Woody Harrelson was fantastic in this quirky, indie comedy

dini m (it) wrote: Funny, just 5 person in movie, good story

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Warren M (ca) wrote: Want to find an overlooked cult classic? Try this.

Michelle D (es) wrote: Honestly, MST3K almost couldn't make this movie enjoyable. Abysmal acting, stupid story, and even worse 'special effects'. Fun to watch with Joel and the 'bots, but not by itself.

Neil J (es) wrote: Gut-wrenching but unmissable film about Douglas 'Tin-Legs' Bader, who was (imho) perhaps the bravest man on the face of planet earth in the last 100 years. Whenever I watch this, it makes me cry - and I can't fail but realise that if the lives of generations to come were as dependent on my actions, as my life was on Mr Bader's, they all be doomed. Lest we forget, indeed. An inspirational performance by Kenneth More.

Jarett B (us) wrote: It's pretty hard not to like Yellow Ribbon, although it's basically 'Fort Apache' with an older Duke and a love interest. The 'second' instalment in the Calvary Trilogy is much more patriotic than the first (if that's possible...). Well, chalk up the overt patriotism to the voice-over. Also, there is much more humor in Ribbon, as the Duke is older and more 'loveable,' while his second in command is just as charming as The Duke. That's it!! The Duke makes this film enjoyable through his charm. I mean, honestly, the film's been done to death:, "After the Civil War, the war continued for the Union against the Savages to form the greatest country in the world....blahhh." You're here to watch The Duke and Ford's photography. What's wrong with that? It's better than 90% of anything else out there. Simple.

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