Legend of the Werewolf

Legend of the Werewolf

A travelling circus in 19th century France adopts and showcases a feral "wolf boy", who grows into adulthood only to kill the one-man band. He runs off to Paris, where he develops a jealous, overprotective crush on a prostitute, leading him to attack her client, incurring a pursuit by a determined police surgeon.

A travelling circus in 19th century France adopts and showcases a feral "wolf boy", who grows into adulthood only to kill the one-man band. He runs off to Paris, where he develops a jealous... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Legend of the Werewolf torrent reviews

Leena L (de) wrote: Fascinating. In many ways. Sad and heart breaking but also uplifting. Children, left on their own devices. Overly blue eyes, also metaphorically. Prejudice and survival. but what I did not like was the open end......

David W (br) wrote: Cool Indie that tells a story that's outside the box. More like this please...

Lou D (de) wrote: pretty much narrows down how highly plausible our government was involved in the 9/11 attacks by highlighting evidence of the footage, testimonial accounts, photographs, etc. very interesting documentary that raises many question still to be entertained and settle in a publicly accessible forum. if it will?

Matthew J (br) wrote: I think Leslie needs some new material.

Ethan U (gb) wrote: Just a couple decent one liners from Dangerfield, but alot of corny ones also. Not the best from Rodney, still a decent watch, and the cameos from the actors are pretty funny.

Catherine H (fr) wrote: Was curious to see what the score would be for Man On Fire... like the audience score, I loved this movie, and reading the critics' reviews makes me wonder if part of Tony Scott taking the high dive was because the Ridley comparisons are a easy, cheap fallback for lazy critics. Denzel Washington is (as always) great as Creasy, a mercenary with a drinking problem who becomes a bodyguard for a child. The reviews ay things along the lines of, "well, the first half was fine, but the second half too violent"... Really ? Not to give away the story, but Creasy does what Creasy has been trained to do and do well. Extra props for Christopher Walken eccentric but concerned ex- merc, and Radha Mitchell as a pampered wife and mother who shows some spine when in crisis. Dakota Fanning is nine(?) , and she is great... very naturally and adorable but also not too cutesy and her scenes with Washington are really, believable (Denzel obviously has kids of his own). I cry at the end of it every time.

Sarah C (gb) wrote: Surprisingly, this was better than I expected. Though the poster belies the film - there is not one shot of Monroe in WAC uniform.

Mj F (nl) wrote: So much fun. Stanwyck is . . . well, it's all been said before. Cooper is great, too. Everybody is good.

Bill T (gb) wrote: If you're going into this thinking, "Wow! Early Russian sci-fi! then prepare to be very very dissapointed. While yes, there is some sci-fi elements in this, the majority of it doesnt take place til the final 3/4 of the film, and it's all a cheat in the end anyways. The majority of the film is Russian 1920's kitchen sink drama... I think. The script goes all over the place, and it's somewhat hard to follow. There's other excellent early Russian sci-fi out there, believe you me.

Alex V (ca) wrote: Pretty amazing till that crappy ending ruined it.

Shannon H (mx) wrote: thought it would be better , slow paced i thought

Tom S (br) wrote: Excellent movie! I anticipated a chick flick and was completely caught by surprise.

Alex S (ca) wrote: In the Line of Fire is an above average thriller that recycles many clichs. Its story progression is very formulaic and the ending is everything you expect it to be from a thriller of this sort. Even amidst all its flaws, In the Line of Fire manages to keep intensity due to its strong performances from Eastwood and Malkovich

Margaret C (kr) wrote: Lovely kids' movie. :-D

Ringo E (de) wrote: An atmospheric 1960s sci-fi vampire movie with a clever twist ending.