Legend of the White Horse

Legend of the White Horse

A satire of Cold war politics, where Red bureaucrats meet U.S. corporate greed - and a witch and a dragon.

A satire of Cold war politics, where Red bureaucrats meet U.S. corporate greed - and a witch and a dragon. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Louise D (ca) wrote: Unusual and intriguing to have access to a bank of contemporaneous, high-quality philosophical musings on any subject, let alone one with such pertinence to humanity, family, identity. Blindness is revealed to be a suitable subject for a visual medium through a range of cunning devices. All that said, I was less taken with this than I'd expected; perhaps due to (coincidentally) seeing the similar The Possibilities are Endless only weeks earlier.

Firman M (us) wrote: Mr.burtynsky gave more photography perspective about economic progress vs ecological impact and seems like surreal apocalypse

Deb S (mx) wrote: Abby (Jordan Hinson) and her bother Ethan Snow (Bobby Coleman) are adopted by a husband and wife. The two children are very happy with their new home and parents but Abby becomes concerned when she finds out that her brother Ethan has become mysteriously ill with food poisoning and soon begins to fear for their life. Angie Harmon and Jordan Hinson are very good in the main female roles and the former make for a compelling villain and give an outstanding performance as a rather moody and unstable mother who is an abusive control freak. Joel Gretsch is the doting husband who allows her to get away with murder...literally. There is a bit of suspense and some thrilling moments....worth watching at least once.

Victor V (jp) wrote: this movie is damn discusting i saw cheap bitches fucking so damn lame undescribable

Edgar C (au) wrote: Featuring one of the best improvised slaps to the cheek in cinema history(?), Susanne Bier, famous for her Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award of In a Better World (2010), and prolific writer and director Anders Thomas Jensen, who won an Acadey Award as well for his bold satyrical commentary on racism in Valgaften (1999), Elsker dig for evigt (approximately translated as "Love You Forever") is a powerful melodrama about love and mixed up relationships.Think of the Dogme 95 style meeting Michael Winterbottom's early minimalist melodrama and the topics of a Rohmer's Moral Tale. The result might sound as a rare mixture but, if analyzed correctly, all those three elements have pretty much many things in common. When thinking of this film, I think of that mixture and realize that such combination was a good idea for contemporary cinema. I have said it hundreds of times and I shall repeat it again: men cannot have the artistic sensibility of a woman. Bier displays events from a neutral point of view and, under Jensen's writing, orchestrates the conditions necessary for making everybody to suffer, whether they had it coming or not, but with a purpose of personal learning or growth.Joachim becomes a character meant to make us reflect on the extent to which we can sympathize with a hateable person despite his horrific circumstances. He is an invitation for the viewer to be able to comprehend the suffering of others, but without justifying a self-destructive attitude that backfires on others as well.Cecilie is a rather idealized depiction of the woman with a broken heart and her resulting conflict to define the term "love" properly, organizing her feelings in the process. My main issue is that she is one of the main characters, and yet does not show any real transformation. She is left like this tender, idealized embodiment of internal conflict. Even if the ending suggested a change, her acting didn't mirror that.Niels, played by the awesome and now famous Mads Mikkelsen, is a man showcasing this awfully difficult trade-off between professionalism, unfaithfulness and being a family man. Oh yes, it's the same story being told for the 700th time, but it is about how you retell the same story, and not about telling a new story. His character shows complexity between layers of empathy and calmness, hidden behind a doctor's robe and his seemingly friendly bespectacled physiognomy. His transformation is probably the most important (and impressively delivered) of them all.Although it starts with clichs flourishing everywhere and an increasing red alert of melodrama and sensationalism, Bier and co. utilize the preceding events for giving them a unique turn under the subtle and invasive lens of the Dogme 95 rules and prepares valuable lessons for everybody involved, no matter how unfair they might seem, because that's life. Although, again, whatever happened to Cecilie internally is completely lost to me. Her character is the biggest flaw of a very talented and powerful melodramatic film.83/100

Ken S (gb) wrote: John Carpenter knew how to create a creepy and scary atmosphere, even if the script isn't entirely focused. That is the only real issue with "In the Mouth of Madness", it is a simple how movie with a creepy atmosphere, good imagery, and a good lead, but the script never really nails it, it feels a little bit all over the place, which is odd since it is a fairly simple and straightforward story. I give this movie points for at least having some genuine scares. The guy on the bike is creepy as hell and genuinely weirded me out. Decent if you want a horror movie, but the script leaves a little to be desired.

Grant S (au) wrote: Great subject, done in mediocre fashion. Over-stylized, over-Hollywoodized, overly PC. Interesting story, though the plot is fairly disjointed. The editing is pathetic, jumping from one scene to the next, seemingly randomly, without any pause for effect or segue.Gene Hackman and Robert Duvall do the best with the script they're given. Jason Patric is overly pensive and is unconvincing. Wes Studi puts in a fine performance in the lead role, giving his character the required gravitas. Interesting to see Matt Damon in one of his earliest roles. He puts in a solid, though unspectacular, performance.

Klin C (es) wrote: I always watch this with my mother just as Summer begins.