Legends of Anika

Legends of Anika

Based on a story by Nobel Prize-winner Ivo Andrić. When a young man's affair with a married woman ends disastrously he spurns the girl he'd once loved. She reacts to his contempt by becoming the town harlot.

Released in the USA with English subtitles. Mihailo, the son of the village gunsmith, is seduced by the wife of an elderly tavern-keeper. When the husband discovers them together, the wife ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nou Chee H (jp) wrote: Is it weird? Absolutely.

Jennifer G (kr) wrote: They don't make movies like this anymore! I was able to go to an advance screening of this movie with my nine-year-old daughter. She was on the edge of her seat, and I loved it just as much. This movie will have huge appeal to those who are burned out on Disney animation, but still want a wholesome family movie experience.

Hael K (es) wrote: Loved this movie, viewed on SBS Aussie, the directors have woven a wonderful tale, it is still with me, oh what a tragic ending, were the brothers sent to kill Umay by her father after visiting the old village?? if this is is so it would be a Honour Killing!!, iIwould so like to discuss it with anyone, unfortunately none of my friends watch foreign movies.!!

Carlos M (us) wrote: A disturbing, terrifying and emotionally devastating drama that examines how evil can grow inside people from the way they are raised - and Tilda Swinton is wonderful in an Oscar-deserving performance as a mother who doesn't have any idea how to raise her son.

Aaron G (au) wrote: A perfectly mediocre zombie movie that is a tad too polished for my tastes.

Barry P (nl) wrote: Kauffman and Gondry at their imaginative, melancholic and beautiful best.

Sahreekah P (au) wrote: it was a great movie... there was no real action, but it still had a good plot that more than made up for that. also it had some pretty awesome songs :D

Brian H (fr) wrote: Awful movie but great memories of childhood.

Ibraheem M (it) wrote: Somehow silly and stupid, and most of the movie moments are gone in the trailer, but it still delivers a pack of entertainment.

Brother G (kr) wrote: An interesting view on black culture in the 70's. No one else besides Bakshi could have done this. Also, if you're a sensitive viewer, you might want to refrain from this movie, as it doesn't let up.

David J (es) wrote: Albert Pyun ranks up there with Ed Wood as one of the worst directors of all time, but this movie is proof that if you make enough movies you have to eventually make something watchable. I'll be damned if this isn't half bad.

Danny M (ag) wrote: Good film with great comedy. The actors work so well together

Laura M (jp) wrote: Maybe more like a 2.75/5. It was so stereotypical that it was more like a comedy than a thriller to me, but at the same time that lack of seriousness is what made it entertaining.