Legends of Flight

Legends of Flight

A film that will not only delight and entertain the aviation enthusiast but also educate and inspired renewed interest in aviation by the traveling public.

LEGENDS OF FLIGHT is a film that will not only delight and entertain the aviation enthusiast but also educate and inspired renewed interest in aviation by the traveling public, the media ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David P (us) wrote: Great pacing, the mystery unfolded slowly but steadily

Joseph B (ru) wrote: Lego's...... Superhero's? What more can a kid at heart want. A great family movie for all ages. Funny, full of kid comedy and a great movie story. I'm hooked! Can't wait for more Lego movies.

Margarita S (de) wrote: This is a movie full of technical jargon, fast moving dialogue and a manic approach to scene transition. Unfortunately, it fails to elicit emotion or command the necessary gravitas given the magnitude and importance of WikiLeaks. Cumberbatch's excellent acting isn't enough to save this frenzied film and the dumbed down moralistic tone at the end is infuriating.

Private U (ru) wrote: A time and event in American history that should never be forgotten, made relatable for the present through visual experimentation and a modern soundtrack.

Ariel B (mx) wrote: Uhmmmm cheap production, bad movie, waste of money. :(

Josanne E (ca) wrote: didnt see this version

I dont know w (jp) wrote: More mindless entertainment equals stupidity.

Amanda S (mx) wrote: This is a great movie, the music is great and a must see for all who love musicals.

Manuel C (fr) wrote: As relevant there as it is today and yet very little has changed.

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Geoff M (br) wrote: One of the best fantasy films we have seen for some time.

Marcos M (jp) wrote: One of the best movies I've ever watched.

Blake B (jp) wrote: There is one way to describe The Normal Heart; heartbreakingly beautiful. The film gives insight to one of America's most blind, close-minded times. It just shows how far we have come when it comes to the knowledge of AIDS and STI's, even though we still have a long way to go. It's heart wrenching to see a large part of our world was dying from this crisis and we did NOTHING about it for the longest time, when we easily could've helped in some possible way. The film makes you want to stand for something, and be rooted in your beliefs when it comes to your life. Shocking to see that every person in this film were on their acting game. Not one was better than the other. The film featured perfect performances. Not to mention Ryan Murphy's beautiful direction. The Normal Heart is a beautiful recounting of a dark, horrible time in America's history, but provides the audience, at the same time with an uplifting story of hope.

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