Leh khaletny ahebak

Leh khaletny ahebak

The film revolves around Dahlia, which wastes in love with her boyfriend Hisham her, to be a natural response did forget about his relationship with them coming back as friends, and the other is the correlation girl named Noha.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:Arabic
  • Reference:Imdb
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Leh khaletny ahebak torrent reviews

John R (nl) wrote: a good story but not gripping

Charles P (it) wrote: There isn't a whiff artistry here, using the found-footage arrogance as an infinite gutter of clichd scatological, flatulent, sexual, and drug-related humor.

Ahmed M (kr) wrote: It doesn't seem to keep your attention for awhile, it gets a bit interesting but than boring once again and keeps on repeating that cycle, till the movie is over.

Robert B (it) wrote: Wu Qingyuan (The Go Master) (Zhuangzhuang Tian, 2006)There are touches of Yasujiro Ozu in the way Zhuangzhuang Tian sets up a number of his shots in this film, and that can never be a bad thing; Ozu, one of Japan's masters of slow film, knew how to take the most rudimentary scene and make it into something exquisite, and any director who tries to follow in those footsteps is probably going to end up with something better than he otherwise would have. On the other hand, if you've read any random half-dozen of my movie reviews, you are probably well aware that 99% of the time, when I use the phrase "very pretty" to describe a movie, it's in the pejorative. A movie can be very beautiful indeed, but when the filmmaker also intends that movie to have substance (unlike, for example, Brakhage's exquisite "Window Water Baby Moving", which is just meant to be beautiful), he can make a film as pretty as he wants, but if he misses the mark with his substance, the movie will end up feeling off. And such is the case with Wu Qingyuan, which is a very pretty thing indeed, but also a very flawed one.Plot: Wu (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon's Chen Chang) is a Chinese national raised in Japan; his lifelong dream, since he discovered a talent for it at a very young age, is to be the best Go player in the world. And if you're going to be a championship Go player, there's nowhere to be but Japan. Which is all well and good...except for Wu being in the wrong place at the wrong time on a tremendous scale. The movie, which is based on Wu's autobiography, takes place in the early thirties, as Japanese nationalism takes hold, and Japan turns its military might upon its closest mainland neighbor-China. Wu, and many of those around him, including his gaming contemporaries and the people who run the various boardinghouses at which Wu stays during the film, attempt to ignore the growing prejudice against the Chinese. Unfortunately, it breaks into their routine all too often, threatening on a regular basis to derail Wu's Go-playing career.Qingyuan Wu is still alive; he celebrated his ninety-ninth birthday about two weeks before I started writing this review. He stopped playing Go in 1964 after suffering nerve damage in a motorcycle accident in 1961, so the movie's final title card tells us (and the Wikipedia entry on Wu confirms), but (spoiler alert!, though it happens after the end of the movie) he did in fact realize his dream: Wu is considered one of the greatest Go players of the 20th century, having achieved 9 dan status in 1950. I'm telling you all this because you're probably not going to get it from the movie. Tian has done an excellent job at setting the scene, and the sound is wonderful (if you've read the Hikaru no Go manga and always wondered exactly what the "clack" sounded like...). The actors do the best they can with Cheng Ah (Hibiscus Town)'s impressionist script (to date, the last he has written), but there simply isn't a great deal there about the two subjects that are going to raw most people to this film: Qingyuan Wu, the person (as opposed to Qingyuan Wu, the Chinese guy stuck in Japan at the time of the Manchurian invasion and all the Unit 731 goings-on), and the game of Go. So I'm back where I started: it's a very pretty, but shallow, thing. ** 1/2

Private U (gb) wrote: If you enjoy pipe cleaner ants and a piss poor storyline, then you may enjoy this movie. However If you are human, you will realise that despide the alluring dvd cover art, this movie is a piece of trash. Almost as bad as Tom goes to the mayor. Now if only they would dispose of the Time and Eric awsome show too...

LaToya W (mx) wrote: I have yet to make my way throught this bad gay movie. God give me the strength.

Chad M (us) wrote: I loved every minute of it. The jam sessions on that train were legendary. I really enjoyed the inpromptu stuff they showed in the film.

Alexander C (kr) wrote: Very visual and surreal want to see.

Sean D (fr) wrote: The first in a fairly long series of films with a crossover series with Anaconda. Arriving on the scene a little bit later than Anaconda, is Lake Placid. The film follows a similar concept to Anaconda. Replace South America with North America, go in the complete opposite direction, almost to Canada. And the big one, replace a giant long river with a much smaller lake that leads to an ocean and you have the lake almost known as Lake Placid. The movie is very '90s like, such as the score and character development, this is 2015 and I felt like it was a '90s film, heck I grew up in the '90s, that is my decade after all. I watched it in 480p but in 720p entry-level HD, it would have become even more apparent that it was a '90s film.The plot is whatever honestly the character development is what makes the film fun to watch, the crew is random and the introduction of thr Paleontologist to the story was completely hillarious, and then that other guy that drops in later is the icing on the cake. The film does seem pointless and wastes time. A lot of things you start questioning that makes no sense to figure what the creature that lives in the lake is and how to apprehend it. Otherwise, it's a pretty fun film to watch and a '90s classic monster film so give it a watch. Not an excellent film, but certainly not terrible either.

Andrew O (jp) wrote: Visually very appealing with a grand scope, its one of the few martial arts film which has a meaningful message behind it

Blair K (au) wrote: good chemistry between river phoenix and sidney poitier. good plot that keeps you interested from beginning to end. very well done movie.

I dont know w (de) wrote: Looks like a great war film.

Guy S (es) wrote: Beautiful, tragic, but detached. Dark satire, certainly as apt today in its message. I winced a little when one of the characters mentioned they are "bringing (the bodies) home at night now." Some things just don't change.

Robin M (gb) wrote: I love this movie. I love Sandra Dee & John Saxon in this movie.

Bob T (es) wrote: Great Sci Film of 1950 that set off the adult science fiction craze.

Kuldip S (ag) wrote: I loved the movie. There's something bleak and eerily beautiful about the Australian landscape that makes it perfect for dystopian settings which has been captured very well here. Never held Pattinson in high regard until this movie. It's a break from conventional Hollywood stuff which try to cram a lifetime of stories within 90 minutes. Just a chase but very well done.

Marcus W (au) wrote: I am never going to Australia. Not ever.