Leila Khaled: Hijacker

Leila Khaled: Hijacker

A Swedish film-maker profiles the life of Jordan-based Leila Khaled - the first female hijacker.

A Swedish film-maker profiles the life of Jordan-based Leila Khaled - the first female hijacker. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Leila Khaled: Hijacker torrent reviews

Mohit B (es) wrote: Underrated. Very Sweet. Totally madcap.

Jennifer D (ag) wrote: NOT my type of movie, but not bad really. I watched it for Jackson Rathbone and got Jackson Rathbone. Had some gross humor, but had decent aspects.

Jessica B (gb) wrote: pretty good not as good as rest but good

Tin N (fr) wrote: Of all the mindfuck movies I've watched, this one tried the hardest to confuse its audience.

Mr N (mx) wrote: A very well made crime thriller. A Walk Among the Tombstones kept me invested throughout the entire run time of the film, featuring Liam Neeson who is great as usual, very dark tone and a well written script. Despite being kind of clich I still enjoyed this film for what it was going for. Check it out.

Daniel G (de) wrote: Very stupid. Low production.

Curtis L (ca) wrote: What's more fun that a wagon of nitro blowing up a horse? If you like gold, snow and whores...you'll love the claim.

Becca A (ag) wrote: Piss off out of my house, and take Laurel and Hardy with you

Donna (au) wrote: Why was this documentary even made because it paints Aileen as a victim of the media, exploited by those around her to make a tidy profit, which is simply inaccurate.In actual fact it was Aileen who was setting ludicrously high prices for interviews with herself, which journalists were only too willing to pay to hear "Americas First Female Serial Killer" speak. And it was also Aileen who decided who got what percentage of her earnings. This is because the "Son of Sam" law prevents convicts from profiting from their crimes, though not their friends... Aileen would also give a percentage of her earnings to her friend Dawn Botkins to help her with her multiple sclerosis.Despite this the documentary is good in giving you an insight into Aileen's life on death row and as to why Arlene Pralle wrote to the infamous serial killer in the first place, and then adopted her!

Ade A (de) wrote: Good film from fascinating material. Overplotted though. Nair proves this with the final scenes being back in Uganda instead of what the audience expected. There are actually 3 stories here--exile from Uganda, love story, Indian immigrants in the south.

Leong C (ca) wrote: A decent watch, with commendable performance by Morgan Freeman...

angel m (de) wrote: Getting Older Is Soo ERRR.. And To see your parents get old And Ill Is A Hart Shredder!!! That Is the Worst Part Of life I Say .. The mother Dose so much for her husband she made him Completely Dependant On her And Everyone ...The son Comes Home After mom Winds up in the hospital To Be with dad Till she gets well .. And Finds That He is needed More Than Expected.. I CRIED MY EYES OUT !! Must have been in a sensitive mood that day ;p Verey Good Family Film About LIFE and The realitys Of aging ..

Dan M (ca) wrote: Audie Murphy playing himself. If anything they underplayed the events that earned him the Medal of Honor.

Knox M (kr) wrote: Actually quite entertaining...

Dannielle A (ru) wrote: Absolutely gorgeous cinematography, great acting, and decent plot... however, the script is so problematic with so many bizarre moments that would never happen in real life... that I had to suspend my belief during many moments. When I watch films, I like to lose myself in the story and forget reality for two hours. Due to the lack of believability, I was reminded constantly like a smack in the face that this is just a fictional movie. There is a reason this was a straight to DVD release.