Lejos del cielo

Lejos del cielo


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1950
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Lejos del cielo torrent reviews

Michele C (de) wrote: Enjoyable cartoon on the classic Indian myth.

John W (gb) wrote: I like Corbin Bernsen, but I just can't equate him with horror movies. Somehow, for me, it just doesn't work and that is pretty much the issue throughout Lizzie. There just isn't anything compelling, it just doesn't work.

Madeline B (ca) wrote: Mostly forgetable. The cinematography is pretty. The only real difference between an "indy" love story and a blockbuster is that indy characters are more neurotic. The script could have been a bit more insightful, given the topic, but it was watchable... and that's saying something coming from someone who haes romantic comedies.

Chris C (ag) wrote: "Hollywood Homicide" combines cynical sardonic humor with an intriguing plot that promises to enthrall and engage the viewer. Josh Hartnett and Harrison Ford are an incredibly well cast duo that feed off each other in every scene.

Tina C (us) wrote: Beautiful to look at with interesting characters. The only problem I had with it is that it's a bit too long.

Gina F (es) wrote: Best part is the story of "The Green Dragon"

Pierluigi P (mx) wrote: Gian Maria Volont persuasively personifies a suave, spitefully malevolent kind of hitchcockian sociopath. A surreal and strong meditation about how some human beings can be corrupted by power. A fundamental allegory to understand the Italian sociopolitical situation of that time, and possibly to draw parallels with any present so-called democratic system of government.

Tony C (ru) wrote: Ever wondered what Andy Serkis looks like when he's not playing King Kong or Smeagol? Now's your chance. This is a great movie, Excellent acting (Jamie Bell) stars, and so does the WW1 trench setting. Mud and rain provide their own particular relentless horror.

Simon I (kr) wrote: Another great World War Two Movie involving a bomber on a raid, the scenes inside the bomber are fantastic because you get to see and hear whats went on inside the aircraft.The sound of the aircraft engines is brilliant.Recommend this one!

neol j (ag) wrote: the 2best childs play

Ethan W (jp) wrote: I absolutely loved the books as a kid, and I can still appreciate them now, but this movie was an unfunny let down.

Holden K (au) wrote: I'd rather smoke crack and ruin my life and health than watch this movie.

Blind P (jp) wrote: Palooka refuses to take a dive. Punishment is meted out, but does he win in the end? The bar here is raised by some excellent one shot techniques. Wide angles show a crowd and then the camera pans around to include various snippets of conversations. The multiple viewpoints add depth to the proceedings. The boxing itself seems a little ridiculous, but not on the grand scale of a Rocky 2 meat punching extravaganza. Not too many boxers would make a living if they went down so easily to overhand rights, but regardless of this it still works.