Leon the Pig Farmer

Leon the Pig Farmer

An irreverent comedy is set in motion when Leon Geller, a sensitive Jewish man from London, accidentally learns that his is the product of artificial insemination.

An irreverent comedy is set in motion when Leon Geller, a sensitive Jewish man from London, accidentally learns that his is the product of artificial insemination. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenn T (kr) wrote: Interesting... just not very entertaining.

Aoife S (de) wrote: Just an extended episode really to tie up the abrupt ending to a great TV series, sorry to see it go!

Steve S (br) wrote: a piss poor multi storied film that is really just a parade of "inspirational stories" that are poorly acted and badly put together. avoid this shitty movie.

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Maff M (us) wrote: whales can't even sing, poor title

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Troy F (nl) wrote: Last Man Standing is passable to below average all around when it comes to the acting, dialogue, and story (your typical corrupt cop flick), but I was blown away by the impressive action scenes that look like they come out of a John Woo film! Considering this was a low budget direct to video flick from a low budget studio, you wouldn't expect the action to be that good but it's almost like top notch Hollywood quality, and done the old way with actual stunts etc. Can't say it is worth watching, but if so just for the action.

Giovanni M (mx) wrote: The pacing slows down in the middle but The Five-Year Engagement is a charismatic, smart, and mature while also being raunchy and hilarious.