Leprechaun 4: In Space

Leprechaun 4: In Space

On a planet in a distant galaxy, a power hungry Leprechaun, holds a beautiful alien princess hostage in order to marry her for her royal title. With her title and his beloved gold, he'll be able to rule the universe. While making his maniacal plans, what he doesn't count on is an invading platoon of marines from Earth, to save the princess and foil his plans. An accomplished trickster, the Leprechaun stows himself away on the orbiting spaceship and wreaks havoc on the crew in an attempt to recapture his bride.

This movie follows the Leprechaun as he heads for outer space to steal the gold from a mining planet and to marry the girl of his dreams. But the beautiful girl is impressed with his gold and desires to separate him from it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Leprechaun 4: In Space torrent reviews

Stephen B (br) wrote: Une forme de ralit gore et silencieuse.On aurait p avoir mieux pour la mise en scne, mais les choses qui nous sont envoyes en pleine gueule, durement, nous plongent bien dans le monde/ la vie de Laura.

Tine J (ca) wrote: It was so bad it became good again.

alex f (es) wrote: strange from start to finish... really sad story about a genius madman and true excentric... this being said there wasnt really one normal character through the whole thing. (- spacey is fucking odd.)as i didnt have knowledge on the musical era, the most interesting part was seeing the character updates at the end and what happened to them.

Ellington C (au) wrote: Sensational, and almost livable storyline. Very good acting, and the characters virtually resemble exactly what the presumably would if this story actually happened. Open relationships and troubled minds. Great Film. Grade: B+/A-

Liam U (es) wrote: Not bad, very silly in places but also very funny.

Jessica P (jp) wrote: I wanna see this so so so bad, it's got Gale in it do I need another reason.

Alex P (es) wrote: more a drama than a typical French comedy...good interwined humorous story with good casts but it isnt that funny!!

Sheldon L (nl) wrote: Ok this is NOT the best musical I have ever seen but I thought it was better then just ok. I have a lot of problems with the way they depicted the songs to have some sort of political commentary when that is the VERY last thing The Beatles ever really wanted as a matter of fact the other Beatles had to get John to hold his toung a lot about politics because they wanted it to be more about the music and less about any sort of politics. I also thought that as creative as The Beatles are they could have come up with a better plot ...it is one we have seen time and time again and well I just felt like ok I have seen this before. Then there is the whole drug scene they get it at some point which in and of itself wasnt pushing the movie along. Aside form all that I thought the performances were VERY strong and the music was of course AMAZING as was a lot of the actual visulals but again this did not do it for me. Julie Taymor is a GREAT director but the story really needed something better to live up to the LEGACY that is THE BEATLES!

Adrian S (br) wrote: The high school setting kinda ruined the movie for me

Carlos S (mx) wrote: This is a surprisingly good movie. It has an interesting concept, the cast work well and the blood soaked boy is very creepy. The film looks pretty good, good and dark and the gore is well done. The thing I like the most about this film though is the fact that it stars the actor I believe would be perfect to play Roland in The Dark Tower movies, Timothy V. Murphy. He looks perfect, he's even got a slightly strange accent, which would work so well for Roland.Anyway, have a look at this, it is worth it.

Bianca C (mx) wrote: One of my top 5 films! Love it!

Luca D (us) wrote: Film originale e e particolare su una famiglia di ebrei negli anni '50. Non saprei dire molto di piu'.

Joshua J (us) wrote: more annoying then the actual book. the dialog is as irritating as nails on a chalk board. terrible!!!

Jessica L (it) wrote: An interesting story. I ended up liking this movie a lot, and want to see more by Daniel Day Lewis.

Vida D (fr) wrote: A fun campy musical cameo by Frankie Goes To Hollywood makes this one of the best films with an 80's New Wave edge to it.

Shawn W (ag) wrote: A classic of the women-in-prison genre but this one is really nothing special outside of being more competently made than most of its peers. A group of female inmates break out and return to help others escape the perverted prison doctor.

Allan C (nl) wrote: Barbara Stanwyck is a woman sent to the big house for her part in a bank robbery. Once behind bars, all sorts of prison flim clichs occur, although by likely were not clichs when this pre-code female prison film was released. I'm always fascinated by pre-code Hollywood films and to see how much studios were able to get away with before the Hayes code went into place. Stanwyck is great in the lead, although the story is awfully silly and not nearly as hard hitting as it seems to think it is.

Joe M (gb) wrote: Sorry, not as scary as "The Exorcist" or the 1933 Dracula with Bela Lagosi.

Becs D (de) wrote: I am never quite convinced whether I love or hate this film. It's weird, unique and filled with odd humour, which is often a pull for me, but somehow I feel it's more like something you feel compelled to keep watching because of it's alternative qualities.