Les Dalton en cavale

Les Dalton en cavale

Three episodes of the Lucky Luke animated series compiled into one movie. Cool gunslinger Lucky Luke goes after the Dalton gang in "The Daltons in the Blizzard", "Ma Dalton" and "The Daltons Redeem Themselves".

The cowboy Lucky Luke tracks the Dalton brothers who escaped from prison and are seeking refuge in Canada. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (gb) wrote: This is like the poor man's version of I, Robot. For reasons I will never understand, this movie stars Antonio Banderas...and while this was a better movie than I would expect from him, he just did not strike me as a strong enough lead for this story. Nothing new offered here, but the nerd in me found enough to like about it.

Domi K (ru) wrote: C'est vraiment rare qu'un film francais soit interessant... daube

Marischa B (ca) wrote: Another disaster comedy..Vampires...Zombies..it needs to stop now seriously...every time I see a vampire comedy or another zombie movie..I wished those people could catch a wake up call...its not funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This film suck!!!!! everything about this is totally suckish..waste of time.STAY AWAY!!!! Overall-F (very bad)

Sharon M (ru) wrote: If you like odd movies this one is for you I just couldn't get into it .

Gerard D (gb) wrote: Cheesy with all the jokes phoned in. 'Van Wilder' sure is no 'Stiffler'.

Acie B (us) wrote: Greatest jewish fighter since sampson

Bradley H (de) wrote: About as dumb as you would expect.

Alejandro A (ag) wrote: Forget Le Chiffre in Casino Royale and Tristan from King Arthur. Those roles are Mikkelsen's most famous merely because they were made in Hollywood. Mikkelsen gives the spectacle in his career in "Blinkende Lygter." It's easily one of the top 5 coolest roles that I've seen, and I have really high expectations. Mikkelsen himself gives the movie a four. The extra half a star is mainly because the others were pretty fucking cool too.

Jacob R (mx) wrote: One of my cherished childhood memories. Definitely better than the Disney version, mostly thanks to some great songs by the songwriter of Wicked, The Prince of Egypt, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. A great children's film.

Kyle R (de) wrote: Making fun of politics is always funny!

Jessica H (us) wrote: Steven Seagal is still nice to watch, but the plot combined with the music is a sleep solution.

Dave J (us) wrote: Friday, May 11, 2012 (1991) Year Of The Gun THRILLER Made in the same tradition as "Mississippi Burning" which it takes a real life event involving unexisting characters, in this case involves an inspiring journalist (Andrew MacCarthy) whose set out to become a fictional novelist who about to get involved with an assassination attempt with a coup called "The Red Brigade" coincidently start to write about there the coups actions. By using the fast forward button on some boring parts, this film isn't that bad. 2.5 out of 4

Leo B (it) wrote: When a couple decide to visit their daughter at their old beach resort, trouble and mayhem follow them at every turn. An updated 80's version of the old "Beach" movies from the 60's brings out an all star cast with a few great songs. Fans of the cast make this cult classic a must see and own!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cristian T (de) wrote: TONY CURTIS -not credited in the movie- appears in a short scene, dancing with YVONNE DE CARLO.

Robert Y (de) wrote: great film to show what the 80's was Like in New York. great aging and movie plot. one of my favorite films.

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