Les gamins

Les gamins

A young, frustrated musician finds unexpected kinship with his girlfriend's father.

A young, frustrated musician finds unexpected kinship with his girlfriend's father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Prudhvi R (kr) wrote: Farhan Akhtar's determination towards the movie is just great

Rendan L (es) wrote: There is no dramatic depth in this movie at all, it's dull, uninspired, predictable, and formulated. Grade: F

Chris W (nl) wrote: There goes disney making another sequel. I thought the first one was already happily ever after. Even worse, they're making some short stories. Totally not worth it.

Jack P (ca) wrote: I love this movie with all my heart. Hilarious and clever, and one of my favorite movies as of now.

Thomas Z (ca) wrote: The professional reviews of this movie sound like they were made by snooty city slickers who have never been fishing in their lives like poorer people do. This movie was a light hearted trip to Florida and enjoyable by those who have had "less than good luck" on a long planned vacation. 4.5 stars

The Critic (it) wrote: An uncomplicated and affective Goldie Hawn vehicle that relies on the likeability of its protagonist to win an audience over. Of course, Hawn is easily one of American cinema's most likeable leading ladies and she doesn't disappoint as a passionate football coach determined to keep her children (Robyn Lively and Brandy Gold), her job... and perhaps win the season. It might not always be laugh-out-loud funny, but 'WildCats' is as good as (if not better than most) any of the slew of high school movies that came before or after it and is notable for the appearances of James Keach, Swoosie Kurtz and Jan Hooks, and marked the big screen debuts of Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes.

Sean F (it) wrote: Probably one of the funniest films I have ever seen. Tony Curtis' performance was energizing and he will keep you smiling throughout the entire duration of the film. The script was ingenious. John Rich does a tremendous job directing the cast. The cinematography and editing really worked for me too. I Highly recommend it.

Armando P (ag) wrote: Classic Eastwood. Do ya feel lucky punk?

Joshua D (es) wrote: with a musical, i try to enjoy the songs and i couldn't enjoy a single one. and i didn't get much of the depression oliver! comes with as the book and previous films have accomplished.

Frances Ann A (it) wrote: Excellent, uncompromising, gritty Western with unexpected touches of warmth. Heston and Hackett are wonderful. Not an especially happy movie, but quietly rewarding.

Darryl C (ag) wrote: there are child stars, then there are child actors. margaret o'brien and william severn are the latter. the adult stars of this film don't have a hope in hell after these two get going. i don't know if parents and driectors ahd to abuse them to get these performances (and i hope they didn't) but they are just too eloquent.

Fahy W (fr) wrote: Bela Lugosi is my favourite actor. I recommend this movie to everyone.

Byron B (ag) wrote: This is an odd choice for the Criterion Collection to make available. It does contain some beautiful vistas of Death Valley with a red sky matte. A documentary (made a couple years before we landed a rover on the red planet) is included. The talking heads in the doc about Earth's exploration of Mars say that this movie was more scientifically authentic than most sci-fi. However, it was the year after this movie was released that our assumption about Mars' atmosphere being similar to Earth's was proven wrong. So the hero of our story can breath for a time without his helmet and only needs to take bursts of oxygen from a tank at regular intervals. The discovery of an oasis and pastel colored rocks are equally fictional though they lend themselves to technicolor. Commander Kit is our Robinson Crusoe. He has a pet monkey and must learn to be quite resourceful to survive. I love stories like Robinson Crusoe, but there is something too far fetched about being stranded on a planet, especially from the point of view of a 1960s understanding of outer space. The effects of the attacking space ships and Friday's loincloth costume are laughable as well. There are moments that offer worthwhile glimpses of a future, which are really a look at the past, but they are not sustained overall.