Les gorilles

Les gorilles

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Cheryl L (ru) wrote: Really stupid. This movie was set up to be quite good but just got stupid as it went on.

Wes S (de) wrote: Slow moving plot, uninteresting characters, and a poor ending. There was some nice gore, and the creature is one of the more interesting in the RHI Maneater series. There are some nice scenes, but most are painfully boring.

Serge L (ca) wrote: The movie is not super hilarious, just pleasantly fun all along. At first, it seems contrived to follow the three heroes somewhat excited and competing for something that should not, but after some time, we start to believe in the possibility. Past that point, we feel more a love than a desire for hilarity. It is a nice cuddly movie that made me feel thhere is hope for the human race. Unfortunately, the reality and global warming will probably eliminate many of these so extraordinairy flying animals.

Kara H (de) wrote: Nothing that really hasn't been said and done before. Entertaining but not the funniest thing you'll ever watch. It has some good moments, but her delivery is weak and the comedy seems over-rehearsed and unnatural. I like that she seems pretty original compared to most of what is out there in terms of who she is and what she is all about, but the movie left me unimpressed.

Krystal T (mx) wrote: who knew you could make a socialist musical?! Clever, interesting and easy to read, I thought this was a great film that both makes you think for a moment but also lets you enjoy the zaniness of the story.

Scott R (jp) wrote: A stronger ending would of helped this movie a lot.

Spookie M (de) wrote: Cult classic martial arts film, and one of the only ones to be originally X Rated. Bruce Lee may have been a better fighter, but Chiba has the better facial expressions! If you're looking for a chop socky movie that truly represents the grindhouse era this is the one.

Robert G (es) wrote: A pretty fun scifi flick! Although the creature didn't really have a pumpkin for a head. With Stan Winston as the director, you can't really go wrong!

Robert H (mx) wrote: This Gremlins ripoff knows exactly what it's doing... ripping off a successful franchise. In fact, it goes so far as to blatantly reference Gremlins several times over.So what is Munchies? Well if you take all the corny and slapstick from Gremlins, turn it into a low budget flick and fill it with some less than stellar acting, you'd probably end up with Munchies.But despite all the over the top styling and goofball writing, Munchies still manages to entertain... just make sure you're in the mood for it.

Ryan W (kr) wrote: The only thing that this film has got going for is the monsters but to be truthful they are not that great to look at

Ryan K (fr) wrote: Often forgotten today - the title says it all.

Yvonne P (br) wrote: Loved the idea, characters, execution... beautiful! But I wished there was more story and more impressionable music :1

Alec N (jp) wrote: Kevin Bacon = Badass.

John B (de) wrote: OK overall Christmas animated movie, but, really didn't enjoy the story

John B (gb) wrote: it was ok overall animated movie and entertaining for the kids, but, it was kind of a cheaper version of Madagascar

Chamith W (mx) wrote: Best documentary about a strategy game. It really taught me a good lesson about video gaming. Computer gaming is the best entertainment field upto date. Back then computer games weren't popular. This documentary clearly shows how video games can make your life better. Love it.

Bob W (mx) wrote: Formulaic, predictable and unpleasant.