Les kidnappeurs

Les kidnappeurs

Ulysse, a gun-toting hood, gets together a team of four people, including himself, to carry out what he thinks will be a fail-safe heist...

Ulysse, a gun-toting hood, gets together a team of four people, including himself, to carry out what he thinks will be a fail-safe heist... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andre R (ag) wrote: Amazing. Moore was great as always.

Leonardo Malacay S (ag) wrote: Y que mierdas paso?Mala pelcula

Tony G (mx) wrote: Surprisingly creepy and pretty good for a short and potentially gimmicky storyline. Colin Hanks' performance got across exactly what it needed to, and Ana Claudia Talancn was excellent as the target of the antagonist's stalking.

Ryan C (ru) wrote: The first entry was great so I put this on expecting a decent sequel. I was wrong. Very very wrong. It was beyond decent. It was superior to the original and that takes a lot of skill. It takes the original and gives it more. It's a great sequel that must be watched.

Elaine O (es) wrote: Very sweet. Apart from the autism this is very familiar to me.

Gavin P (it) wrote: Very surreal and a little (ok, a lot!) absurd! Quite interesting, and uses black and white to look like a 50s sci-fi flick, but has appropriate bursts of colour, which i thought could have been used more (like in Sin City). Wayne doesn't even speak as the 'Martian' (is he a Martian if he actually flies too Mars & isn't from there?!). A little disappointed in the score, since it was basically all strings - I was definitely hoping for a couple of actual songs. Nice meaning - well, what I got out of it - Christmas is a time for hope and celebration, no matter the circumstances. Loved the Captain guy as well - "you look like something Godzilla shitted out!"

Don S (es) wrote: This movie was surprising on two counts: 1) for what it isn't - it isn't a flesh fest as you would imagine considering it is about recent college grads who don't really want to get out in the world, and 2) even though there is drunkenness and some debauchery, the movie is about characters you grow to like, some with actual morals (though not perfect role models). This is a sweet movie; I rented it because I had seen Maggie Lawson in Model Behavior over and over on Disney channel (my daughter loves it), and wanted to see what else she had done. This is worth watching, and Maggie didn't tarnish her Disney image (at least not in this movie, anyway).

Janine R (kr) wrote: The Original, The Best. Cant go wrong with this old skool!

Aj V (fr) wrote: A strange, but fun tale of body switching, and it's got both Coreys! I highly recommend it, it's a great teen movie.

Craig R (ag) wrote: Ron Rifkin is in it.

Jack (it) wrote: Would like to see this.

Cassandra M (mx) wrote: The finishing School that finished them. Girls School Screamers is a masterwork. It is hard to describe the haunting beauty of this film. Brace yourself for a psychological roller-coaster in this classic slasher film.The music and sound effects are top notch. The depth of the cast is extraordinary, with all of the players delivering excellent performances. There is a clear sense here that all involved in the production knew that this was something special, and gave it their all. See this film if you truly enjoy actors giving everything to their craft. Above all, Peter C. Cosimano as Paul is exceptional. He brings gripping emotion to a unique, fascinating character. A must see!


Amanda R (au) wrote: I think that Frank Capra must've been sleeping while directing this movie. I left the cinema early and kept falling asleep while trying to watch it. I can't believe how many people gave this a good rating.

Rajayogan P (ag) wrote: yes visually stunning my most favorite animation movie ever

Spencer K (ru) wrote: nowhere near as good as I waned it to be, White Bird In A Blizzard disappoints in whatever film it was trying to be whether it was a tense missing persons drama, a teen sexual awakening movie or whatever it was it failed on all fronts. Shailene Woodley and Eva Green are excellent here, but with a lame script, and a confusing plot, they can't truly shine outside of the films glaring flaws.

Rebecca B (de) wrote: I love this movie! It's hysterical his poking fun of millennials and their ridiculous PC culture! Fucking hilarious and the ode to cannibal holocaust is awesome as well. Only whiny pricks that take shit too seriously will hate this movie-hence the low rating.