Les Milles

Les Milles

In the beginning of the Second World War, Germans, Austrians and persons without nationality living in France are sent to the concentration camp of Les Milles by France government. Commander Charles Perrochon is the responsible for this camp and he promises to the leaders of the prisoners to protect them from the Nazis. When France is invaded by the Germans, Commander Perronchon will disobey orders and his superiors trying to save these men. He gets a train, a ship and money from USA to send about eight hundred of these prisoners to the safety of Casablanca, in Marrocos.

A World War II drama where people, many of whom opposed to Nazism, get on board a train from France that could lead them to freedom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh E (fr) wrote: Great art style. Lacking much depth.

Casey M (jp) wrote: A strong look into a remarkable story. Does not shy away from showing that even in remarkable stories, not everything is roses.

Ted W (ag) wrote: Thought this might have some potential, but it's as random and pointless as the title of the movie. there wasn;t any gratuitous nudity

Lee M (jp) wrote: To use a well-worn phrase, Head On will certainly not be for everyone: not just for its unabashed gay sexual content, but because it's a character-led film with an open ending. On the other hand, it is a film which credits its audience to think and make its own conclusions, and that is to be encouraged.

David G (de) wrote: Yo Dre drop the verse.

Filippo V (ru) wrote: Adrenalinico film d'azione con sequenze fantastiche e una storia coinvolgente anche se non del tutto originale. La regia della Bigelow mi ha colpito molto, anche se a tratti l'ambientazione circostante non viene mai contestualizzata le riprese restano comunque solide e mai rovinate da eccessivi tagli come spesso capita.

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Eric L (ru) wrote: John Woo's second best film. Awesome movie!!!!

Joe M (de) wrote: Take the beautiful 1959 film ?On the Beach?, replace Gregory Peck with a tattooed bogan hipster and Ava Gardner with a 10 year old girl, and you have this mess.These Final Hours opens with a spectacular premise, then instantly gets bogged down in small thinking. The cliched Australiana personas of the characters who appear all throughout the film is almost an insult to viewers. It seems just about every character in an Australian film these days has to act like some over-the-top Aussie twit. Here it's the psycho carjacker, the cop, the girlfriend, the girlfriend's brother, the mother, the radio guy (huge cringe every time he speaks). What is going on in the Australian film industry? It's regressing back to the 80s. It's all retro with none of the charm. These films expect to be taken seriously, while doing this ridiculous Australian caricature thing.Also, it's just one of many innumerable silly things in this film, but apparently a rave party can't be heard over a driveway gate. There's also some terrible editing between shots where the character positions and faces don't even remotely match up.But again, the thing that lets this film down is the small-scale thinking all the way through. It's the last few hours in earth, but nobody seems to really care that much. The people who made this should go and watch On the Beach again, and see how beautifully that weaves human relationships and impending doom together so well.Another Aussie film somehow gets funding despite delivering so little. I can't believe there are not talented people there who can do better than this sort of thing.

Ryan T (nl) wrote: I judge movies by my desire to see them over and over again. Troy is one of those movies. The reason I only gave it 4 out of 5 stars is because it ignored the Gods role in the story told in the Iliad.

Vasco M (nl) wrote: The concert and the roadie's journey complement each other in a way that doesn't always make sense but works incredibly well, making this movie one of the most unique films I've ever seen (or listened to).

Sharon D (mx) wrote: A good, clean movie, a rarity nowadays. Good for teenage audience and it wouldn't hurt for older people to see it. There is precious little out there that is decent, and you might learn something about how people should behave, how to forgive, how to be more compassionate, etc.