Les randonneurs à Saint-Tropez

Les randonneurs à Saint-Tropez

The trekkers meet again ten years later, at St Tropez, a comedy about fun, truth, betrayal and hapiness.

Ten years after their disastrous walking holiday in Corsica, four friends – Cora, Nadine, Mathieu and Louis – decide to spend the summer together on the Côte d’Azur. To their surprise, who should they meet in St-Tropez but Eric, the guide-from-Hell who transformed their last holiday into a nightmare and whom they swore never to see again... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian S (ru) wrote: This one almost rises to the level of "so bad, it's good," but doesn't quite make it there. Borrowing liberally from the Alien franchise as well as zombie cinema, and perhaps just a little bit from John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness, Plaguers delivers contagious zombies on a starship created by an evil orb of mysterious green energy... or liquid... it's not too clear. There's even a "secret" android (you'll figure out who it is the first time the character appears), makeshift weapons, and even the climax of the film is lifted almost directly from the first Alien movie (no cat, though). The acting is humorously bad; you will laugh at some of the performances, especially those of some of the sexy space pirates posing as nurses. The astro-zombies are occasionally effective, but mostly come off pretty silly, which would have worked better if this flick didn't appear to be taking itself so seriously. Unless you have a fetish for zombies-in-space flicks done in a style that brings to mind someone ripping off a Roger Corman knock-off of a popular movie, you're not missing anything here.

Eva P (nl) wrote: Best horror/science fiction sequel.

Viet V (us) wrote: i didnt know that vietnamese cinema was so crazy. this movie is emotional and intense. very well made. transitions started out a little confusing but you get used to it.

Inta K (ru) wrote: very strange and boring movie

Bristol F (ca) wrote: Decent Anime...I really wanted something the eat that nurse character, she was annoying.

Lia M (ca) wrote: This is a fun Dolly movie her cute little sayings make it funny. I love her its a good time forget your problems and have fun kinda movie.

Gina C (jp) wrote: I can be a bit campy, but I love Peter O'Toole. And there aren't very many romantic/comedy ghost stories out there. So I still watch it every October. ;)

Darren E (ag) wrote: this movie was filmed in meridian, idaho when we were living there forever ago...

Robert A (us) wrote: Drag racing. Funny cars. David Cronenberg? Ah, right, he's a racing fan and this was a joyride for him around the time of when he made The Brood. The ending was pretty badass, lol, didn't expect all that to happen, although I guess I should have saw it coming. It was enjoyable, a popcorn flick, and you gotta love the music.

Andrew M (us) wrote: A work of subtle genius. One of the best horror films I'd never heard of.Imagine Robert Aickman put to film and this is what you get. Weird. Very.

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