Les trois frères, le retour

Les trois frères, le retour

Three brothers are reunited on the occasion of the death of his mother. The three are in a difficult stage of their lives due to economic difficulties: Bernard is a failed actor, Didier ...

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Les trois frères, le retour torrent reviews

Chloe C (ru) wrote: Once again, we are reminded that good plots and good skills are a totally winning combination -- without the silly excesses of many hollywood flicks!Esther Gorintin gave such a convincing performance here! I heartily recommend this feature!!

rajiv 2 (au) wrote: highly beautiful and moving movie with many monumental scenes and very artistic yet subtle style of directing by angelopoulos, the dying horse scene is brilliant, very rich and full of mixed emotions (reminds me a lot of bresson's style in balthazar), the magical transfixed citizens scene has left me transfixed too, and that visually striking final shot is one of the best moment ever and open to any interpretation.,apart from it technical aspects, this is also a superb film with a great substance, the ignorance and the innocence of a child's live, very deep and powerful, what a great movie this is, this one is not to be missed especially for moviegoer who looking for more art in a movie..

Andr D (nl) wrote: La obra de teatro de David Mamet "Sexual Perversity In Chicago" acerca de la imposibilidad de conectar con la pareja, se diluye en un "chick-flick" ochentoso con unas momificadas actuaciones por parte de Rob Lowe y Demi Moore. "About Last Night..." alcanza a salvarse gracias a los secundarios Jim Belushi y Elizabeth Perkins.

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