Les Tuche

Les Tuche

When the Tuche family wins 100 million euros, they will need to be accepted in swanky Monaco whilst staying true to themselves.

When the Tuche family wins 100 million euros, they will need to be accepted in swanky Monaco whilst staying true to themselves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zygardes (fr) wrote: Yeah...Unfriended already did this.

Mystic L (mx) wrote: I've never before seen such a huge discrepancy between critic reviews & the quality of a movie. "Rob the Mob" stole 110 minutes of my life. Fortunately I had my phone handy so I could at least amuse myself by playing Candy Crush Saga. The acting was painfully bad. I found Andy Garcia cringe-worthy in his 2-dimensional performance. Everything about this film was a cliche...and the bad accents...please dear God help me forget the bad accents! I've never reviewed a film on here before...but if I can prevent just one person from watching this horrible film it will bring me peace.

Bruno V (kr) wrote: Normally totally not my kind of movie for me , but this i could handle !

(ru) wrote: i think itll b funny but i didnt c it yet

Aswin W (br) wrote: Very good movie. It had a interesting story providing great suspence and thrills. The acting was pretty good and great to watch.

James H (mx) wrote: Appropriately titled thriller is only fair. It's too slow moving and too much is not explained. The acting isn't bad. Fairly suspensful, but it didn't hold my interest at all times. It sure does make you thirsty!

Ben T (au) wrote: The film has an extremely predictable plot with an all to familiar pace relevant to its type of movie, it also seems to lack any real 'soul' throughout with its heap of one dimensional characters. The scene of the roller blading competition has some definite style, in which the rest of the film could of done with more of .

Jessica O (ag) wrote: How much worse can you get??? Not only DMX, but Steven Segal too??? WOW.

James J (jp) wrote: My First Mister starts out so horribly, with troubled teen vibes being tossed like no one's business for the first 15 minutes, but it's nice seeing the characters change and (especially for the main character) mature so much throughout the film. I would also argue that some characters change too rapidly and unexpectedly, such as R's son. The movie does get better as it goes along, but there are also some parts in the story that don't click, and the progression isn't enough to make this a standout film.

Tim W (ag) wrote: A poor remake bomb. But I mean sure it was dumb and cliched and not funny and silly and lacked proper character development and writing...but I liked it as a kid. Actually rewatching it reminded me of how bad it really is.

Ben H (fr) wrote: Yes this film is bleak and dark, but that was Wales in the 90's. This film isn't as far fetched as it sounds, there is a little bit of this film in most people I have met in Swansea. This film is held up on a pedestal in Swansea. I'm not sure American critics are qualified to have an opinion on this film, not knowing anything about Swansea/Wales/The UK in general. For instance not knowing the difference between a football (soccer) pitch and a rugby pitch (the national sport of Wales). This black comedy is right on the money if you know the area and even if you don't this gives you a good idea what to expect in Swansea.

Mark S (kr) wrote: I liked this more than some critics seem to have done. It feels quite brief and the conclusion is pretty sudden but I'm a fan of Kafka and I felt his influence through this film. It's also similar in feel to something Lang or Murnau would have done and I like their work. Allen managed to attract an all-star cast for this strange film, including Madonna of all people (and at the height of her fame too), and it's the penultimate time he and then-wife Mia Farrow would appear on screen together.

Wes M (fr) wrote: SHOCKING.Damn, it's still hitting me how good this was! I can't believe somebody had the balls to be this dark and ominous 45 years ago. That's truly amazing. I'll review this movie, but I'd rather not, even the trailer is just one big spoiler alert. You absolutely must go into this one blindly, or the experience will be ruined. What I will tell you, is that Rock Hudson, who I've never heard of, gives the performace of his life. It's directed by John Frankenheimer (hehe funny name), the guy behind the original Manchurian Candidate. Apparently, he made a few good movies in the 60s, then a bunch of shitty ones after that...bummer! Also, you'll notice some camera work that has been popularized by Aronofsky, so yea, that's awesome. I love you, neo-noir :]

Randy T (kr) wrote: All hail Roger Corman! A cult classic with all the trappings you'd expect from uber-cool low-budget 60's science fiction. It wasn't enough that the mad scientist could see through paper, clothes and skin. He kept pushing, kept experimenting until he saw things no man was ever intended to see, things no man should ever see [insert creepy music here].

John C (br) wrote: Revolt of the Zombies could be the zombie movie version of A Tale of Two Cities. A timid man who loses the woman he loves to his friend. He gains ultimate power over people during an exploration to Angkor Wat. Showing that ultimate power corrupts absolutely, can he bring himself back from the edge? A terrific story.

James C (br) wrote: Saw this on TCM. The only film in which all 3 Barrymores appeared and you'd be hard pressed to understand why they were considered acting giants. Ethel is one note playing noble, John is attempting charming and dashing and Lionel is completely hammy as Rasputin. The dialog is ridiculous. I can't imagine Rasputin using the phrase "cock and bull story." Unbelievable that this script was written by Charles MacArthur (and the uncredited Ben Hecht and Robert E. Sherwood) and nominated for an Oscar. Historically inacurate, this is the film that brought about a lawsuit which resulted in that disclaimer "This motion picture is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental" in every film since.

Paula V (de) wrote: When the biggest chemistry is between the two male characters trying to catch the girl instead of the girl with any of them, then you have a BIG PROBLEM.

Mark D (de) wrote: This can hardly even be called a movie, as it's nothing more than a conversation between two old friends over dinner. And yet what a conversation! The writing here is fantastic, and results in an incredibly full and thought-provoking film.