Let It Ride

Let It Ride

A gambler used to losing is having a very good day.

Tipped off by his buddy (David Johansen), a loser cabby (Richard Dreyfuss) parlays a $50 horse bet at the track. Luckily, he wins big, but he can't seem to stop gambling. Will he go broke or walk home with a pretty penny? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler J (fr) wrote: Oh my god I love this movie so much IT IS SUCH A GOOD MOVIE Of Coarse It's Better then the 2016 Film OH MY GOD GOOD JOB PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS MOVIE OH MY GOSH WELL DONE ??

Kelly K (it) wrote: A truly touching tale about the love of a father for his son and his desire for him to have the life he never had. Brilliant acting, a lovely plot and a very believable story. Worth watching.

Mary Anne K (ru) wrote: :fresh: [font=Arial Narrow]I LOVED THE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/font]

jarrad b (fr) wrote: funny as shit. great stuff, even if it is a copy of spinal tap

Rose A (fr) wrote: drama/mystery/thriller film

Mike P (nl) wrote: total crap, this is the movie kristin Bell is speaking of in Forgetting Sarah Marshall bout the killer mobile phone

Ben B (it) wrote: I havent seen it but it must be great with a title like that.

John B (kr) wrote: Quite an interesting film in its time..the discussion of hormones in the early 60s before everyone else was talking about it. The late great Natalie Wood plays off Warren Beatty and eventually her character trumps him for good measure.

Michael S (gb) wrote: Glossy but slightly overrated Visconti-film, not one of the director's best. But is does have two dashing leading actors in Alida Valli and Farley Granger + sumptuous music and sets even if the story tends to bore you.

Naomi B (ru) wrote: Very sweet story, loved it!

Sergio O (it) wrote: The flying scenes are incredible. The bromance between the pilots is delightfuly uncomfortable. And Gary Cooper's in this!