Let's Talk About Men

Let's Talk About Men

Just before he became an even greater movie star, Nino Manfredi starred in a number of less well-known films. Among his best efforts from the end of this period is this film, where he plays four different kinds of male scoundrels in a series of smaller stories, all written and directed by Lina Wertmuller. In the first, he plays a small businessman whose enterprise is on the rocks; luckily, his wife is a (skillful) kleptomaniac, and he takes advantage of that fact. In the next episode, he's a carnival knife-thrower who has been planning for years to "miss" and "accidentally kill his female assistant. The third episode finds him playing a professor who uses his position to enjoy more than his share of young female companionship. In the final episode, he is a country yokel with a knack for complaining about the smallest things -- even when nothing is happening. Witty dialogue and sight gags enliven this episodic starring vehicle.

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Daniel L (us) wrote: Funny and moving, garden state was a movie that I just loved.

Acinom N (br) wrote: One of my favorite Lesbian movies

Claudia X (it) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed the India/Siddhartha storyline. Beautiful cinematography. But somehow the modern day storyline does not weave into the whole film and fell flat.

Olaru N (it) wrote: what kind of movies can i see in Finland?everyone that i try doesnt work ; " The requested video cannt be displayed in your region".just i dont understand it is or not for everybody?