Lethal Lady

Lethal Lady

Stright after her marriage Hong Kong officer Mina Kao faces dangerous case of vietnamese criminal refugees.

The only son (Tony Leung Ka Fai) in a family of police officers marries Mina, an ambitious `half-breed' colleague (played by Joyce Godenzi), incurring the resentment of his four sisters, all policewomen, especially the eldest, Ling (Carina Lau). There is pressure on Tony to father a son, to keep the male line going, although Mina wants to delay pregnancy until she gets promoted to Superintendent. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sherry M (mx) wrote: daughter wwould love it

Mariangela L (kr) wrote: I did like it very much, specially Manu and Fina characters. The end was pretty good. Enjoyed it very much.

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Narayanan A (ca) wrote: 74% - Good Will Hunting is a film that reminds of an every other famous personality's difficult beginnings in life. But due to the strong performances of Matt Damon, Robin Williams, and Ben Affleck, this good-hearted film is very enjoyable at all times.

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rodrigo l (gb) wrote: Sam Peckinpah Cross of Iron , is a powerful and violent film about the Second World War, it really does not matter which side you are. War is never a choice. very good

Miguel G (jp) wrote: this is terrible, but hilariously terrible that i was in awe and somewhat entertained how terrible it was.

Trine L (fr) wrote: English is not my first language, and I have always found Shakespeare difficult, ancient and inaccessible. That has changed for me with David Tennant's portrayal of Hamlet. The old lines make sense to me in this interpretation, all the different plot lines come together and the story becomes relevant and feels very contemporary. Patrick Stewart as Claudius is extremely scary and gives a feeling of exceeding evil and lust for power. Peter De Jersey is simply heart warming as Hamlets friend Horatio, and all the exchanges by these two marvelous actors are spectacular. In general, the cast is very good, and even characters such as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, who are usually somewhere between dull and annoying, are engaging, it is even possible to sympathize with them, when Hamlet puts them through the wringer. I am less impressed with Ophelia, when she acts opposite Hamlet, however the scenes of madness are very strong.The Hamlet we meet in this production is very clearly defined, and moves delicately and beautifully in and out of the realms of mourning, sanity, madness and feigned madness, and does it with a dramatic and comedic grace rarely seen anywhere. I had not seen David Tennant in anything before, but I was completely blown away by his performance and have been a slave of his genious ever since. For me, his is a seminal Hamlet.

mark d (fr) wrote: Burning Man is a 2011 Australian drama film written and directed by Jonathan Teplitzky.[1][2] On 10 April 2012, Burning Man won Best Music Score for Lisa Gerrard and Best Editing for Martin Connor at the 2011 Film Critics Circle of Australia.

Robert D (fr) wrote: Excellent movie good plot fine acting this film moves fast worth your time.

Kevin R (es) wrote: Beware of the 14th if you value your life.A small mining town named after Saint Valentine takes St. Valentine's Day very seriously; unfortunately, an unfortunate event occurred twenty years ago and numerous people were brutally murdered. The town tries to overcome this historical fact by throwing a huge town event that will end with a dance. Shortly after festivities begin, so do the murders."You know what would look good on you?""What?""Me.""Suck it in and zip it up."George Mihalka, director of Bullet to Beijing, Dr. Lucille, Sticks and Stones, Watchtower, Thunder Point, Relative Fear, Straight Line, and The Psychic, delivers My Bloody Valentine. The storyline for this picture is clich and very straightforward. The kill scenes were classic slasher film from the 8os feel and the acting was mediocre. The cast includes Paul Kelman, Lori Hallier, Alf Humphreys, Cynthia Dale, Helene Udy, and Thomas Kovacs."I've got a Valentine for her she's never going to forget."This was recently added to the Netflix on line queue so I added it to the wish list. This was very average, didn't add many unique elements to the slasher genre outside of the setting, and the kill scenes were not great. This is only worth seeing if you're a fan of the genre."It can't be happening again!"Grade: C-

Jason D (kr) wrote: this film is very flawed and plays like a tv movie. it has bad acting and badly staged gunfight scenes, some very on the nose dialogue and cheesy personal conflicts. but a lot of the critical panning i've read on the film is just ludicrous to me. first of all, they say the film is bloody as hell. not so. i'm shocked this was rated r. yeah, they kill women and children, which is daunting, but it is not graphic. at all. the critics say the movie overemphasizes the fact that the events occurred on september 11. maybe the advertising did, but in the actual movie there is one damn title card just before the actual massacre plays out and that's it! and, get this, equal emphasis is given to other dates! also, in what way are the settlers idealized and the mormons demonized? maybe because i'm not religious i see all of them as wackos, but there was not much difference between the two sides to me. the settler asks his pastor what should they do when running out of supplies and the pastor leads a group incantation of the funeral psalm. yeah, cause that's inspiring and not incredibly morbid. and the mormons explain themselves over and over and over again, in logic that convinced christians to kill other christians many many times for centuries. clearly the writers put in the effort to humanize the mormon side, even if they were not critical of the settler's side. true, the film would probably have made its point better if both sides were seen as devilish or you saw some real trouble from voight's character, or maybe even if they went south park on it and made it a dark comedy, but the notion these critics put out that there is some cartoonish, infantile dramatic caricature going on here is ridiculous. i really feel the critical reviews for this movie in particular were motivated by an estimation of public opinion and not an objective assessment of the movie itself.