Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon

Veteran buttoned-down LAPD detective Roger Murtaugh is partnered with unhinged cop Martin Riggs, who -- distraught after his wife's death -- has a death wish and takes unnecessary risks with criminals at every turn. The odd couple embark on their first homicide investigation as partners, involving a young woman known to Murtaugh with ties to a drug and prostitution ring.

Martin Riggs is an L.A. cop with suicidal tendencies and Roger Murtaugh is the unlucky police officer with whom Riggs is assigned and both have one thing in common: hating working in pairs. But they have to team up to uncover a huge drug-smuggling operation, and as their success rate grows so does their friendship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pancho T (es) wrote: Meh-- and I'm a huge Colin Firth fan! This was not their best work, but probably because it was based on a true story...

Zach M (it) wrote: This had the potential to be a really good horror comedy in the vein of Creepshow. Four segments, only one of them was alright.Wadzilla, The Diary Of Anne Frankenstein, I Was A Teenage Were-Bear and Zom-B-Movie.Wadzilla was fairly funny, though it had plenty of opportunities for nudity and chose not to.The Werebear segment was by far the worst. A gay teen who gets bit by a gay Werebear. A musical like Grease.Zom-B-Movie was the movie that connected everything and it was alright.Lots of nods to horror movies and b-movies.There did end up being some nudity near the end of the movie.Really disappointed in this movie, was hoping for more.

Kenny O (ru) wrote: A nice aussie flick!

Norberto F (mx) wrote: Meh affair. Don't got that "wao" factor. Acting is very stale.

Art S (br) wrote: Not surprisingly, the soundtrack (not rock, but ambient) is the best part of the Flaming Lips movie (even with the occasional mickey-mousing). Otherwise, low budget, amateur acting, sluggish pace, obscure plotline, but also some striking imagery, cool weird moments, allusions to 2001, Solaris, Eraserhead.

Jenna G (es) wrote: Good Lord, I remember this very well.

Esperana D (ru) wrote: great movie,great acting..

Mad M (br) wrote: Very good Christmas comedy.

Zombie M (de) wrote: One of the worst movies I've ever seen. "Ahead of it's time" only works for movies that have some sort of redeeming value. This movie doesn't have any.

Ben L (ca) wrote: I've never been a strong believer in the concept of movies that are "so bad they're good." But if there ever was an example to prove me wrong it might have to be Face/Off. This movie is based on a stupid premise, it has a horrible script, and it includes every kind of excess you can imagine. Everything that went into this movie screams "BAD", but somehow what came out on the other end was pure, balls-to-the-wall FUN! You have 2 of the craziest actors of all time (Travolta and Cage) both overacting to a degree that looks downright painful. Meanwhile, director John Woo doesn't want to be outdone by these big acting performances so he makes a world full of gasoline so that everything will blow up fantastically, he has doves flying everywhere, and he includes a plethora of Mexican stand-offs involving more and more people every time. Yes, the science behind this movie is insane, and the plot makes no sense at all, so I'm never going to rate/rank it all that highly because I see all the flaws. However, this is one film I can't imagine someone watching and saying "That was boring." It's as if every 5 minutes the movie gets a shot of pure adrenaline right in the heart and it never lets down. The acting is over-the-top, the action is even more over-the-top, and any time you think John Woo will step off that gas pedal, he mashes it down to the floorboards again. It's so odd, because I don't like Face/Off in the way that I like good movies, the whole thing is so dumb! Is a movie really good when it's not intended to be a comedy but I can't stop laughing throughout? Despite my reservations, I'll watch Face/Off any time because it is one of the best "shut off your brain" popcorn blockbusters of all time.

Ralph B (kr) wrote: Artificially constructed and unplausible change of the whole situation in the end.

Sameer S (nl) wrote: Uproariously funny. I was literally laughing uncontrollable at multiple scenes .I am pretty sure I would leave my wife for Ryan Gossling

Bryan R (us) wrote: Tried so hard to be VHS, which also sucked. Not even worth the $2 from redbox.