Letter to Brezhnev

Letter to Brezhnev

The factories, pubs, clubs, hotels and streets of 1980s Liverpool form the backdrop for this tale of love, friendship, sex and a letter to the Soviet leader, Leonid Brezhnev. Two Liverpool lasses, Teresa and Elaine meet two Russian sailors, Sergei and Peter and hook up for a night of fun and frolics. Teresa is looking for sex and a smile, Elaine wants love, romance and the dream of a life far away from the grime of the Liverpool docklands. A classic British romantic comedy filled with new wave tunes, 80s fashion, a little politics and a lot of heart.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sailor,   russia,   letter,  

Two Soviet sailors, Peter and Sergei, go ashore in Liverpool to spend one night on the town. Peter can speak a minimal amount of English, Elaine and Theresa. Elaine and Peter immediately fall in love with each other, but... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin A (au) wrote: Despite some great performances, the movie felt off throughout. It was creepy when it was supposed to be romantic, poorly shot when it was supposed to be dramatic, and rushed at times when the moment needed to sink in. The movie's message is basically women empowerment, but the main character seems to constantly blame everyone else for her poor decisions. I liked the destination that the movie reached, but the lesson learned felt tacked on and not really built to. The entire movie is about her exotic relationship with an older man, and not so much the struggles or consequences of being in a relationship like that. Still, I loved the performances enough to enjoy the movie.

Matthew I (gb) wrote: Couldn't get past the first 20 minutes , too rough around the edges and in your face for my liking.

Lenny R (it) wrote: Gleefully silly. Go Bruce!

Jaime R (fr) wrote: Underwhelming and overly sentimental.

Pearl S (au) wrote: A mixture of Hitchcock and James Bond. But the actors are very good in this very mixed story.

Shantel D (ru) wrote: Mildly enjoyable, but I don't really get what the fuss is about.

Barry T (de) wrote: Half a good film then half a load of old tosh. Bacon is worth more than this. Its a story of a son of a family killed and a father after vengence.

Dylan C (it) wrote: This movie is fantastic! You can see its influence over Scorsese and mayhaps a bit rubbed off on Fincher. A great Boggart performance and full of classic moments. A grittier Gentleman's Agreement.

Derek W (it) wrote: An interesting and well-written script combined with an on-his-game Jack Nicholson make this a smart - and ultimately rewarding, ride.