Lettera aperta a un giornale della sera

Lettera aperta a un giornale della sera

A rash letter of protest sparks a crisis for a group of affluent, Communist intellectuals in Italy who find themselves suddenly challenged to back up their incendiary rhetoric with action.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1970
  • Language:Italian
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A rash letter of protest sparks a crisis for a group of affluent, Communist intellectuals in Italy who find themselves suddenly challenged to back up their incendiary rhetoric with action. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kullen S (it) wrote: I am a huge fan of Hideki Kamiya's video games. His work doesn't have that Japanese feel to it, as he really knows how to appeal to Americans. The same can be said for the studio responsible for this feature length animation, whom also made the wildly popular Afro Samurai. I wasn't a huge fan of said show, but I do believe the creators were a perfect fit for this adaptation for many reasons (Which are self explanatory). Not to discredit this feature, but I feel like it was an appetizer to be served alongside the release of Bayonetta 2. It cuts out a lot of what's in the course of the original game and shoots for pure fan service, and this is done very well. You get to see the titular character in all her glory, wonderfully animated down to every last detail. Her body, hair, suit and even makeup are reflected perfectly into this film, and that goes for every other character as well. Very impressive. Another great thing is that the cast from the game returns in its entirety... Well almost. Bayonetta, Luca, Enzo, Rodin and Jeanne all retain their original voices, while Cereza and Balder do not. Minor setback. The action and comedy are in tact and so is all of the blood and racy nature that you would expect. I'm glad they didn't go all out on the nudity like the studio has done in the past, it earns its R rating without the use of nudity commonly found in anime. I'm surprised this wasn't taken advantage of, but also happy. The game never showed any bare breasts no matter how close they came to doing so, or how bad you wanted to see them. It's a tease, and adds to the humor. The film follows the same formula. Now as far as the story goes it's exactly the same, but executed differently. Imagine an ARRANGE MODE of Bayonetta, and for the most part that's what you'll be getting here. No worries though, you'll still get to see 90% of your favorite baddies in some way or another. My one complaint however has to be the somewhat anticlimactic battle with Jubileus, and that's a big no no in a movie based upon a NONSTOP CLIMAX ACTION game. I'm not too upset over it though. This is definitely worth buying if you love Bayonetta like I do, and will look pretty alongside your shrine of memorabilia.

Kristen P (br) wrote: Great indie flick with strong performances from Matthew McConaughey and Gina Gershon.

Ocram I (it) wrote: I think Jolie could make a better director than actress. I'm very interested to see what she will do with her proposed adaptation of Laura Hillenbrand's novel, Unbroken.

Ana B (es) wrote: Sci-fi/monster movie telling us the story of a group of people held prisoner on a boat. A few millionaires pay through their noses to hunt and kill ex-cons in a desert island. When the ship crew starts to disappear they realize then that the island is in fact inhabited by the mythological triple headed snake Hydra, as soon as you cut one of the heads off two more reproduce.I don't have a lot to say about this except that it is perhaps the cheapest movie I have ever seen, the special computer effects are bad, the acting appalling and the locations really low quality. They didn't have enough money to go to a real jungle so they seem to have filmed the movie in the local park, you can see houses and fences in the supposedly "desert island", people see a snake with three heads and instead of running away they remain still a fire a small pistol that it wouldn't even tickle her. It feels like a group of bad actors went to central Park and shot a movie that weekend they had off from the other/real jobs. It is so bad it is actually funny.

Lee B (jp) wrote: Fairly standard B-movie, but one that seems like the studio got a script, thought it might be able to fall in line after all of the other Matheson/Sixth Sense kids-who-see-dead-people movies, but gave up on it and decided to try to make it for slight DVD and Sci-fi channel rights. And, for that, it is enough. It starts off horrible, then has a decent middle, then doesn?t do anything but the predictable.I will say this, it did give me the first real jump scare in the last 10 or so scary movies, but that isn?t enough to save it. And having Michael Biehn in it for two scenes and neither are important really doesn?t help it win some starts.

eljko R (ru) wrote: In one word: Masterpiece. Can satisfy both, art and commercial audience. Camera is perfect. Screenplay, one of the greatest ever.

Jeremy D (br) wrote: Railsback portrayed a perfect Ed Gein.

Cline D (nl) wrote: Faut vraiment que j'arrte les films aux sc (C)narios LSD !!!!

Ben L (jp) wrote: Mimic, from director Guillermo del Toro, isn't great, but it's hard not to love it at times. The plot is creative enough and the downright weirdness of it is awesome. I really like this horror-comedy.

Luis Patricio G (jp) wrote: 1 star for the horrible Miramax cut, 5 stars for the Williams version...AND THIS MOVIE IS NOT AN ALADDIN RIP-OFF, ALADDIN IS THE RIP-OFF...

Zak S (kr) wrote: The best of the early 90's films when Drew was at her coolest. Not the most original storyline - on the run with a "bad boy" - but well worth watching.

Dr A (gb) wrote: It doesn't matter if you agree with a lifestyle or not. This documentary has a story, about an era of the scene of the Black and Latino gay community in NY, it has very personal human stories of hopes, dreams and everyday survival in a big city within entertainment. If you relate to the subjects or not is not the issue here, that's your personal view, but what counts is that it's a fact even if we do not dare watch it. It begins very straight forward and ends as an ode to that specific time and place in history. A true testament of a well made documentary.

Cindy C (ru) wrote: Typical happy-ending movie that you would watch on a weekend. Not good; but not bad. The premise and story is okay - agree with previous comment that the under-age romance is a little creepy, but there isn't much to this movie. Needed to focus on the TV more than trying to do chores inbetween. Jon Cryer is fun to watch.

Gabriel V (nl) wrote: "Sure to please fans of the video game" - Hell no (pun not intended). It's a hundred years behind, it has nothing to do with Hell invading the UAC base, and it overall has loose ties with the games it's based off of. It sticks neither with Doom and Doom II's run-and-gun style or Doom 3's horror style, and iconic weaponry is rarely (if ever) used. Not to mention, there are not a whole lot of monsters, and the "demons" seen in the film are nowhere near how they are meant to be in the game series. Coming from a fan, this is definitely not something I would recommend to somebody who enjoys the video game series.

Robert M (kr) wrote: If you want to rip -off The Thing, The Abyss, and Alien, fine; just don't make your movie so boring. It makes the movie all the more shameless.

Dax S (de) wrote: Kind of a dated story, more like from the 70s.