Lewis Black: Black on Broadway

Lewis Black: Black on Broadway

Lewis Black goes on tirade after tirade about stupidity in America. He covers everything from corporate greed and Martha Stewart to WMDs and homeland security

Lewis Black goes on tirade after tirade about stupidity in America. He covers everything from corporate greed and Martha Stewart to WMDs and homeland security . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lewis Black: Black on Broadway torrent reviews

Darren P (jp) wrote: e t. type film for modern age.

Pamela S (mx) wrote: Loved it for its authenticity

Lee M (ru) wrote: As with the 70's films of Terrence Malick, one of Undertow's producers, the more intoxicated it becomes with rural desolation and fecundity, the more deeply in touch it puts you with its characters' souls.

Daisy M (au) wrote: If you know Kitano;s previous movies, you will be surprised to see Kikujiro, because it shows a new face of him, because he is known for his violent movies. In here there was no violence. He was sentimental, and much more gentle. But I guess he should have stick with his violent ones. I did not like it so much, it was a slow movie, of a man who helped a little boy to find the mother who abandoned him. The acting was good and the music was amazing, but that was all. There were some funny scenes also but I found it boring. There were certainly many better Japanese movies.

Saran M (gb) wrote: Creepy and irredeemable. I learned nothing from it. Those who enjoy rom-coms know what I mean.

Panda B (us) wrote: Extremely cool and exciting, a little random at times but easily forgiven when a step is taken back.

Jarrett M (ru) wrote: Black Dog is unlikely to surprise you in any way, but that doesn't stop it from being a fun ride. Like so many other films in the action genre, the plot is paper thin and does little else than string together action sequences. Performances are passable, but not terribly thrilling. If you enjoy action films, especially those featuring generous quantities of automotive carnage, this should entertain. Just turn your brain off before and you'll be fine.

Alex M (de) wrote: Lots of stupid, action packed fun. Nothing else to say than that.

Greg K (gb) wrote: Before she, Julia Roberts, commanded the millions she still ommanded the screen. This sweet equine film about family affairs and the unification of girl power is a good one.

Adam S (fr) wrote: Watching this film was my first foray into the Carry On franchise, which I'd heard described as a "vital piece of British comic history"... for a history that includes the likes of Monty Python, Blackadder, Red Dwarf and Black Books, that's quite high praise. Unfortunately, if this was ever that good, it's now dated. The jokes read like an episode of the Benny Hill Show.. i.e. creepy old men chasing young girls. And it just falls flat. Kenneth Connor did put on a good performance as the Mayor, but overall, a poor excuse for a comedy.

William M (it) wrote: I have been noticing a trend with Denzel, he is always better than the movies he is in (except maybe for Malcom X). This is no exception but its harmless enough that you can sit back and enjoy a perfect performance by one of the best actors of this generation and have a perfectly good time.

Seth H (us) wrote: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, basically Ron Burgundy, only if he were a Magician instead of a anchorman. Overall, a decent film with below average jokes.