Lewis Black: Red, White and Screwed

Lewis Black: Red, White and Screwed

Lewis Black, 'America's foremost commentator on everything,' delivers his comical insights into everything from the State of the Union to Dick Cheney's aim in this stand-up special.

Lewis Black, 'America's foremost commentator on everything,' delivers his comical insights into everything from the State of the Union to Dick Cheney's aim in this stand-up special. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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mark d (ag) wrote: In 2013, Love Is All You Need was selected as best comedy film at the 26th European Film Awards.[

Satya P (de) wrote: I quite enjoyed yet..

Michael L (fr) wrote: The Oregon in Kelly Reichardt's films is a lonely place. Decaying, run-down, and sparsely populated, humans seem to interact here as two ships pass in the night - accidentally and tentatively, with each interaction ultimately anti-climactic and each participant remaining unknowable. "Wendy and Lucy" is a sad little film that charts a few days in the life of Michelle Williams' Wendy as she slips furthur and furthur into the cracks and slides furthur towards the margins of this existence. I couldn't help but feeling that the implied future for Wendy after the closing credits roll is not good. Starvation? Abuse by a stranger? Not a feel-good film.

Enrique T (kr) wrote: Is there a maybe button.

Deb J (mx) wrote: What could have been a smart, offbeat comedy about teenage outcasts falls short with a dull plot and undeveloped characters, not to mention the most counterproductive ending possible.

Kenny O (br) wrote: Loved it very funny parts!

Aaron M (de) wrote: Insightful and somewhat humorous look at East German daily life after the fall of the Berlin Wall. You get a good feel for how every detail of life changed - the cars on the road, the groceries stocked in local grocery stories, vacated apartments. Neat story.

Dylan G (it) wrote: A genuinely fantastic and well constructed thriller filled with all the tension build up you could ask for! A+

Jesse J (kr) wrote: This movie set the standard for naughty/funny behavior on ski slopes and while on vacation. David Naughton (of American Werewolf in London) proves to be a great comedy presence in his educating the newby skier Harkin Banks in Squaw Valley during a skiing competition. The entire storyline is based around an up and coming skier, the shenanigens they get into including great parties as well as the problematic scoring system whereby europeans are given favor due to their economic influence. In the end, justice prevails via the "Chinese Downhill", a no-holds-barred race to the bottom of the hill. A must-see in my book. Enjoy.

Chad H (kr) wrote: Other than the novelty of this being Arnold Schwarzenegger's first film this film is quite mediocre. But still it is worth some dumb entertainment. Its chock full of bad acting and cliche things all around, but I must say I did find some form of fun from watching this. Schwarzenegger can't speak worth anything in fact he was dubbed over it was so bad. But seeing the original version is its own reward. Its just one of those dumb movies from the 70's. Its astounding that this is Schwarzenegger's first movie, but at the same time he blends right in. He's a mad hulking meat head, its hard to believe the actor inside would wind up to eventually play the Terminator. Watch this movie at your own risk, but if you're in the mood to see some dumb Schwarzenegger moments than this is the movie for you.

Sean S (kr) wrote: Started strong and finished oh so very very terribly weak. Meh.

Nick Q (jp) wrote: Intriguing movie. I was impressed with the acting and plot. The story needs more seasoning, but I cannot wait to see the next movie from these guys.

Phil S (ag) wrote: Very, very cheesy... With a clumsy, but well meaning message about racism. Not bad, very watchable, even if the effects look mostly dated even for 1985, although it does have a few stand out shots. But the films main credit must be an amazing performance from Louis Gossett Jr. Virtually unrecognisable under some amazing makeup, although his accent lapses into some earthy familiarity, the visual manerisms and ticks are impressive, heck he even has to cross the sexes....sort of.... Very convincing performance. Not bad.

EllenRebekah A (es) wrote: Oh, does Dear Tennant know how to do madness. Shakespeare is certainly easier to get into in action, you get context clues as my third grader says. Still hard for me to understand, but Tennant and all the rest put on a great performance. I was prepared to watch in two parts but having started earlier enough, and having interest enough, I watched the near three hours in one sitting.

Charlie L (mx) wrote: Talented vocal work and a fairly decent script make Monster House a fun ride for its target audience.

Leon B (nl) wrote: Review:I stupidly thought that this was going to be a gangster movie! It's all about a best selling book which affects many people's life's. The film shows how the book makes these different individuals face there fears and the way that they concentrate on the positive things in life, even though they are all in difficult situations. From a hip hop artist, an undercover cop, a prison inmate, a couple of hitmen, an actor and a journalist, the book really changes there life's for the better and it saves some of the characters life's. Personally, I thought that the storyline wasn't that great and I got a bit annoyed with the constant switching to different characters situations. It seemed like the director crammed to many concepts together at once, which made the film messy and not that well written. I liked Sly's character because you get to see him without a gun or a knife, for once but he's only in a couple of scenes. Anyway, the director really wasted this great cast and the whole book concept was unrealistic and boring after a while. Disappointing!Round-Up:I'm amazed that Sylvester Stallone, Nelly, Danny Aiello, Tom Berenger, Kelsey Grammar and Terry Crews, agreed to do this movie after reading this awful script because it's not like they need the money. Its not very often that a Stallone movie goes straight to DVD so they must have done it as a favour to the director, who I haven't heard of before. He made Two Days In The Valley, which also had a lot of top names starring in it and 15 Minutes which was one of Robert DeNiro's weakest movies, so his reputation isn't highly rated. Anyway, the adverts and movie posters are really deceptive because it looks like it's going to be a comedy crime caper with some action scenes. I'm not surprised that a lot of the critics slatted the film because it's really hard to find anything slightly interesting about the whole project. On the plus side, the happy ending was sweat and the actors did perform well but it has to go down as a bad day at the office for all of the big names that were involved in this awful film.I recommend this movie to people who are into their comedy/drama movies about a group of people who are influenced to make there life's better after reading a book. 2/10

Gaby P (mx) wrote: Jesus is the ONLY WAY ~??