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Byron B (ru) wrote: There's a title card near the beginning that states the story takes place in the early 20th century. Since it is no more specific than that, it is difficult to tell if it takes place in the 1920s or 1930s. I'm also not sure if any of it is based on historical events or if it is completely fictionalized. A bit more context could have helped. The various Arabic tribes are still not united, but how much time has passed since Lawrence and WWI? Annaud oversees a production with an international cast and crew. In the tradition of Lawrence of Arabia, Banderas, who is originally of Spanish decent, and Strong, who is English, play two Arabic sultans. Strong's Amar is religious and holds on to the traditional ways. Banderas's Nesib is willing to modernize with technology and is interested in becoming wealthy from recently discovered oil in a contested part of the desert. Let's back up. Amar's two sons are given to Nesib about a decade earlier as a kind of peace offering. The older son trying to escape once he has reached maturity and being killed in the process sets a renewed conflict in motion. Tahar Rahim as Prince Auda, the younger son, is really the main character. The movie is filled with characters and events, which are quite cliched, such as Auda wearing glasses to show he is a nerdy librarian and not a warrior, as well as Auda's star-crossed love of Princess Leyla (Pinto). Whenever Auda has a scene with his half-brother Ali though, their interactions are fascinating. Ali, a bastard son of Amar whose modern medical practices are at odds with orthodox Islam is excellently played by Riz Ahmed. Rahim plays the rare sympathetic and introspective character at the center of this war movie fairly well. It is a coming of age story with a few thrilling desert battles as Auda finds he has the skills to lead. Annaud continues to make these international co-productions with English dialog to hopefully benefit from English speaking film markets, however there are several lines, especially at the conclusion, which sound awkward. Between one Dutch and two French writers perhaps something is lost in translation.

Mats B (mx) wrote: Det hr var uselt. Inte uselt som i bra uselt, utan riktigt uselt uselt...

Brady W (fr) wrote: If I could allot negative stars to this abomination, I would do so without a moment's hesitation.

monsieur r (ag) wrote: I gave up on this movie as well, but about 3/4ths of the way through. I may come back to it. I like Dustin Hoffman and he delivers another great role, but the kicker in this movie is that the boyfried of his murdered daughter lives with the family after the funeral and lets it be known late to a postal worker girl acquaintance that he broke up with the girl before she was murdered. He humors the family by acting otherwise, fearing they will hate him for hanging around. Invitations for the wedding had recently been mailed and he had to retrieve them from the post office. Anyway, he gets involved with this girl postal worker. I found the premise of this movie a little incredible. The family acts rather detached from the funeral... almost like they had just gone fishing somewhere! Maybe they are in denial about it all. The daughter was killed in a random act of violence so they are still in shock no doubt. Maybe that was it. Anyway, I gave up on it when the boy had a bed scene with the postoffice worker. That kind of casual thing with no buildup or storyline really freaks me. Maybe I will go back to this one, but it seemed to drone on forever, not going anywhere. Decide for yourself.

carsxn b (au) wrote: Why is their so much swearing?

Dale R (fr) wrote: A triumph for style, such as it is, over substance here. Nasty and unengaging.

Adam R (ag) wrote: (First and only viewing - 2/12/2010)

Philomena B (au) wrote: This is another smart, witty film with plenty of twists and turns. Very entertaining.

Eric G (fr) wrote: Good story, above average performances, but felt very dated (watched 7/24/12).

John C (ru) wrote: A greatly underappreciated caricature of an industrial transitioning to information age America, Shock Treatment has aged well. Beginning with a medicalization of fundamental life stuff (identity/purpose/conflict) immersed in a comercial context and set to a soundtrack that itself represents abrasive cultural transition, Shock Treatment predated by decades Mad Men as an exposition of a nostalgia for Americana that was lost even at the time (and possibly never existed). Midwestern American values collide with commercial influences with an unrestful and disillusioned youth set to the back burner who find sympathy only in the current adult generation's outcasts, themselves wrestling with a heavy past and struggling with their identity and legitimized only by a sober sage from an isolated intellectual tradition. Produced with effects and visual balance to represent the Leave it to Beaver collision with MTV, I cannot imagine improving upon technically it as it is without robbing it of its historical imprints. The cliche devices of evil twin and elevation to stardom for no good reason are playfully yet effectively delivered illustrating potential outcomes of personal choices. The status of sequel to Rocky Horror is separable, yet blissfully referential to fans with many delightful subtones. Finally, few films are (or have since been) produced with such catchy, coherent soundtracks scored only for them. Imagine if Mad Men (or Breaking Bad, or any other recently produced social commentary) had a memorable, original soundtrack that you could hum the next day.

Bob V (mx) wrote: Oh, this movie is bad, so so SO bad... From Pam Grier arriving in prison in galadress and being met by Dyke Barbie prison guard in hot pants, to the giggling, jiggling playfight in the prison showers (what else would nubile young women do right after being thrown in the filthiest prison I ever saw) to being watched by a furiously masturbating Dyke Barbie, and on past a plot that includes heavily armed pimps, ho's nipples being hooked to a car battery, lesbians strangled with chains, blook more fake than anything I've seen outside a child's drawing, guerillas, corrupt everythings, and Pam Grier's pendulous naked breasts swinging across the screen, THIS IS SO BAD.Clearly, everyone should see it right away.

Justin M (it) wrote: Joan Blondell kicking ass, James Cagney going at warp speed, and Ruby Keeler in yellow-face. Even that jobber Hugh Herbert can't undermine the awesomeness. A quote: "By a Waterfall is the Intolerance of Busby Berkeley production numbers."

Ky K (mx) wrote: If you want to see a bunch of cars in chases and destroying all around without sense, well, you can enjoy this science fiction action film.

OH O (au) wrote: Actually pretty decent. "Superman Returns" features enough highlights for me to consider it pretty good. I mean it's not great or anything but it's still pretty enjoyable.6/10 - Good

Greg W (gb) wrote: wow-an intense amazing drama that packs a huge emotional punch & I've said it b4 i'll say it again Connelly's eyes r the best of all the current actors she has Paul Newman eyes!